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Reading: Korean Grammer In Use, it's a Korean language book. Does that count? haha
Watching: The new We Bare Bears episode featuring MONSTA X!
Drinking: Iced coffee
Loving: The Berry Waffle Cone from Bath And Body Works. I didn't release Boardwalk this year :(
Listening: When I wasn't listening to Hamilton for the millionth time these were the songs that I enjoyed listening to this week.
Lee Hi - No One (feat. B.I)
BVNDIT - Dramatic
Rothy - Bee
NCT 127 - Superhuman
Celebrating: The end of the #amigurumay challenge. It was so much fun! Go check out @mooeyscrochet if you would like to see all of my posts.
Excited for: 2 more months until I see MONSTA X!
Practicing: Gut health. I've been having some stomach issues (more than usual) and trying to find out what's causing all these gut issues.
Working on: Listing more stuff on my Depop. I will be adding more stuff this weekend.

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