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 Patreon Preview
This post is basically one huge advertisement to urge you to sign up to my Patreon page. Feel free to skip this post if you aren't interested.

This month I decided to really start focusing more on my Patreon. I gave my page a glow-up earlier this month and even posted a schedule with all the posts you can expect to see on my Patreon this month. Down below I listed some previews of the posts that I currently have up on my page. All of these blog posts and crochet patterns are currently available on my Patreon at the moment so if you pledge right now and become a patron you will get access to certain posts and rewards, depending on which tier you sign up for.

 Patreon Preview
At the beginning of the month, I changed some of my Patreon rewards. Read all about the new changes and new tier here.

 Patreon Preview
if you pledge to the Banana Milk tier you will get access to exclusive Patreon-only crochet patterns. For example, this onion plush from the Korean drama Romance is a Bonus Book. I won't be posting this pattern on my blog so if you're interested in making your own plush onion sign up to the Banana tier. Every month I will be posting one of these patterns available to only those who are apart of the Banana Milk tier.

 Patreon Preview
There are two types of crochet patterns I post on my Patreon. The first is Patreon-only exclusive patterns and the second is patterns that I will be posting on my blog in the future, like this Red Velvet Fan stick pattern. I won't be publishing this pattern on my blog until Red Velvet makes a comeback! Those in the Chocolate Milk tier will get a notice on future crochet patterns before anyone else!

 Patreon Preview
If you join the Strawberry Milk tier you get access to exclusive blog posts about crochet. Back in March, I posted this post where I share some pictures from my crochet art journal. In the post, I share sketches of my projects and what I envision them to look like before I start making them. This was one of my favorite blog posts I've posted in a while!

 Patreon Preview
Another type of post you can expect to see on my Patreon is BTS (behind-the-scenes not the group. lol) posts where I share pictures of what I'm working on, how I take blog posts, etc. I already have 2 BTS posts and plan on posting more soon.

 Patreon Preview
Back at the beginning of the year, I posted my crochet goals for this year. If you pledge to the Strawberry Milk tier you will also get access to this post.

 Patreon Preview
If any of those posts didn't convince you to join my Patreon then hopefully my May 2019 rewards will. Every month I choose a different theme, this month it's all about Rilakkuma!

What type of posts would you like to see on my Patreon in the future?

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