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July 2019 Monthly Favorites ♥ Beauty + Lifestyle

July 2019 Monthly Favorites
This year I haven't posted that many monthly favorites. I think I only posted one other monthly favorites this year, so far. This could because of many reasons but I think the biggest reason is that I haven't discovered products that have left an impression on me. Anyways, in the last 4 months, these are the beauty and lifestyle products that I've been loving and reaching for the most in the past few months.

July 2019 Monthly Favorites
Dove Foam Dry Shampoo
Ever since Dove went cruelty-free I've been using more products from them. Their foam dry shampoo caught my attention because I wondered how foam dry shampoo would work. It feels like your putting moose on at first but instead of getting that shiny crunchy finish your hair looks clean and fresh afterward. I like using this on days when I don't feel like washing my hair after an intense workout session.

PONY EFFECT Sharping Brow Definer Eyebrow Pencil - Ash Brown
After trying the PONY EFFECT brow mascara I decided to try out the brow pencil. It's very light which is great if you want to subtly build up color. I don't like that it's very thin, I feel like I'm going to break it every time I use it!

OGX Smoothing + Coconut Coffee Body Scrub + Wash
This body scrub wash duo caught my eyes because it said coffee and I'm a huge coffee lover and love anything that has to do with coffee. The scrub particles dissolve within a few seconds lathering into a creamy body wash. After a few showers, I've noticed that my rough dry skin has started to feel softer! My younger sister is also a huge fan of this product and she is a hard person to please! haha

July 2019 Monthly Favorites
Kikumasamune Sake High Moisture Skin Lotion Toner
I've been searching for a moisturizing toner for a while. I've used tons of Korean toners in the past so I decided to start using some Japanese skincare. I found this toner by Kikumasamune on Amazon, it was recommended to me. Every morning I pump some into cotton round and dab it onto my skin to wake up my skin. The bottle is huge so I think it'll last me a while. The only thing that bothers me is the pump, you have to be extra careful because the toner will go everywhere if you don't.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream
Every once in awhile Klairs has some exclusive deals on their Amazon page. During one of these times, I was able to score their Rich Moist Soothing Cream for a reasonable price. This cream is so rich and moisturizing! If you have dry skin or currently live in a climate that's very cold I highly recommend this cream because it will keep your skin moisturized all day! Since it's still summer, I'm currently using this as a night cream but I will definitely be repurchasing this product in winter.

FaceTory SunBae Aloe Vera Soothing Sheet Mask
Most of you know that I daily sheet mask. I often go through these ruts where I get bored of using the same sheet masks over and over again which is why I went through a deep sheet mask dive on Amazon and discovered FaceTory. I've been testing out a few masks from them and so far the SunBae aloe vera mask is my favorite! After a tiring day out in the summer sun, I love ending my night with this aloe vera mask that smoothes my skin.

Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask
Another mask that I've been loving lately are these rice masks. 10 sheet masks come in one packet so it's perfect for travel-friendly. I've used a few other masks that come in packs like this before but they always dried out quickly. However, all of the masks I used were fully soaked with essence til the end! I'm already bought a second pack!

July 2019 Monthly Favorites
Bright Bat Design Self-Care Plushie Pals
Another huge favorite of mine has been Bright Bat Design, specifically the self-care plushie pals collection. I ordered some stickers and notepad when the collection dropped online. In July, they released a few mystery bags so I jumped on the opportunity and ordered one right away because it was an amazing deal! I loved everything I received but especially this sticker. I have no idea where I'm going to place it yet but I want to put it somewhere that I see often because it makes me so happy!

July 2019 Monthly Favorites
Tea Time Usagi Planner Dashboard
This Usagi planner dashboard from HelloPaperCat has been one of my favorite stationery items. The design is super cute and the colors compliment each other really well. I keep mine stored in my Hobonichi. I have the matching die-cut and stickers!

Faux Pearl Heart Drop Earrings
This year, I've been trying to step up my earring game. I saw these adorable faux pearl heart drop earrings on YesStyle and just thought they would make the perfect pair of my earrings to wear with any outfit. I've worn these so much in the past month so they had to be included in this blog post.

Forever 21 Bow Hair Tie
During my birthday trip to Flordia, I bought this adorable bow hair tie from Forever 21 to hold up curly locks. It's super cute and makes me feel extremely girly! I actually ordered a black hair bow that looks similar to this from another website but the quality was really crappy so I'm going to go back to Forever 21 to buy another one.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer
For my birthday, I bought myself the HP Sprocket portable photo printer. I've wanted one for a while because I wanted to incorporate photos from my everyday life into my Hobonichi. The photo quality isn't the best but I love that I can finally include photos into my Hobonichi without using up all of our printer's ink. Let me know if you would like to see a review on this.

BT21 COOKY Keychain Pouch
My friends Seriya bought me this cute BT21 Cooky pouch for me. Isn't it the cutest? She knows how much I love BTS and BT21. It's the perfect size to store my HP Sprocket photo printer and some spare photo paper. The bag also has a strap on the back so you can attach to a backpack or wherever.

July 2019 Monthly Favorites
What have you been loving lately?

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  1. Dove unfortunately isn't really cruelty free. Peta's definition doesn't really account for brands that sell in China where you have to test on animals by law. It's better to look for brands certified vegan or brands that have the leaping bunny certificate!

    The skin lotion toner looks so pretty! Can you use it on all of your body? I really need a lightweight cream ^^;

    Please do a review on the HP printer! I've been wanting to get one for ages but i'm still not sure if it's worth it for just my bujo..

    minae x minaeshi.blogspot.com

    1. I checked on Peta's website recently and it says that Dove is cruelty-free now. They stop testing on animals earlier this year and remember reading a bunch of articles about it which is why I started to use Dove.

      I haven't used the skin toner on my body yet but the bottle comes with a lot so I might try it. The consistency is very light water but it's moisturizing so it's not creamy at all but very hydrating.

      Will do! I'm still learning how to adjust the settings but when I do I will post a full review on the HP printer! ♥


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