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a twenty-something kawaii lifestyle blogger, and creator of Mooeyandfriends, based in the United States. On my blog, I share rambles of my daily life, advice, DIY, crochet patterns, stationery-related posts.

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Paris Travel Photo Diary

Last week, I spent 5 days in Paris, France with my family to celebrate my father's birthday. I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked but it's because I'm not comfortable taking pictures in public. It rained on and off for most of our entire visit which also prevented…

Currently ♥ No. 39

Watching:High Vibe Honey Eating: Macarons from Paris Loving: That Lucy hasn't left my side since coming back. Feeling: So grateful of everything that's happened these past couples of months. Listening: AKMU - SAILING Excited for: To catch up on a bunch of shows, podcasts, and blogs this weekend.

Currently ♥ No. 38

Reading: Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams by Gala Darling
Eating: Sprouts crispy sweet coconut rolls Loving: All my amazing online friends ♥ Feeling: Excited! Listening: Melanie Martinez - K-12 Excited for: My trip to Paris! I'll be flying there this week and I…

My Favorite Inspirational Podcasts

It feels like I'm always listening to podcasts. When I'm tired of music or feeling a little lonely I pop on podcasts to comfort me. Almost a year ago, I shared my top 5 favorite podcasts but since then I've discovered more new podcasts, so I think I may have to post an update soon! Tod…

Currently ♥ No. 37

Watching: Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020 Loving:This post. This is the third time this week I've seen from women who don't want any children. I love that more women are expressing that they don't not wanting kids. I've never wanted kids and felt odd because of it but I'm glad more…

Currently ♥ No. 36

Watching: The Great British Baking Show. Does anybody else find it annoying that Netflix decided to post this weekly? Because I sure am! Eating: Archer Farms Candy Corn Crunch Loving:This Kickstarter! I'm so excited for this book to be made! Feeling: Proud of myself  Listening: Lana Del Rey - Norma…

31 Wonderful Little Things ♥ August 2019

1 Still can't believe I saw Monsta X in the flesh! Read about my concert experience here. 2 Helped Lydia by testing out some of her crochet patterns for her shop 3 Booked a family trip to France! 4 Started the Blogitlates #100glutechallenge 5 Grateful for the friendships I've made online 6…

Hot K-Pop Summer Playlist ♥ Summer 2019

Now that we've entered September I can finally release my playlist with my favorite K-pop Summer songs of the year! I always like to wait until the end of summer before I share my summer playlist because you never know when a hit might drop! haha

If you've followed me for a few years, you …

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