Paris Travel Photo Diary

Paris Travel Photo Diary
Last week, I spent 5 days in Paris, France with my family to celebrate my father's birthday. I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked but it's because I'm not comfortable taking pictures in public. It rained on and off for most of our entire visit which also prevented me from taking pictures. We went at a time when there weren't as many tourists which were great because we didn't have to deal with too many people everywhere. The weather was cool and slightly windy but not too cold, without the rain it would've been the perfect weather!

I would've loved to see more of Paris but my younger sister is currently pregnant so we didn't do as much as we originally planned because she kept getting tired and even fainted during our trip! Don't worry though she's alright! Next time I visit hopefully I can get more done, like consume more Franch pastries! hehe

Paris Travel Photo Diary
Day 1: Our plane landed in France at around 6-7 am. As soon as we arrived we took a nap in our hotel because we were really tired. We stayed at a hotel near the Arc De Triomphe so we explored the area. We later ate and did some food shopping.

By the time night had arrived, I was extremely exhausted and called it a night before midnight! My sleep schedule was in tune with Paris during our entire trip. I would wake up around 7 am and go to bed before midnight every day, All of my family members had a difficult time keeping up with a normal sleeping schedule whilst we were in France. It's probably due to my messed up sleeping schedule in the states but apparently my messed up schedule is a completely normal one in Paris! haha

Paris Travel Photo Diary
Day 2: On our first official day we went the Musee De Louvre. My parents had bought tickets for this day but I kind of wished that they had waited a day or two when we were all a little more wellrested.

Paris Travel Photo Diary
After waiting about 20-30 minutes in line we finally got to see the famous Mona Lisa. The painting is a lot smaller than it looks (look at the paintings behind for size reference). The process for which you see the Mona Lisa was a wild experience. Even when we were in line people kept trying to pass us in line. When you arrived at the painting they called on a random number of people and give you a few minutes to take pictures. It reminded me of like a shark attack. People were pushing and families were separated from each other and then they yell at you to leave as soon as your time is up.

Paris Travel Photo Diary
Paris Travel Photo Diary
Paris Travel Photo Diary
Paris Travel Photo Diary
Paris Travel Photo Diary
When we were done viewing the Mona Lisa we explored the rest of the museum, which is huge! I didn't relaize how big it was. If you ever plan on going to the Musee De Louvre I recommend marking all the exhibits you want to visit because when you're inside it can be a little overwhelming.

Paris Travel Photo Diary
After an intense day The Musee De Louvre we had dinner. We went to a little restaurant that served various cuisines. I ordered the most amazing veggie burger! Everywhere we ate in Paris had many vegetarian and vegan options which made me feel very included. McDonald's even had a vegetarian-friendly menu!

Paris Travel Photo Diary
Paris Travel Photo Diary
Day 3: We were all starting to feel the jetlag on this day so we slept in and decided to take it easy. When we all woke up we headed to see the Eiffel Tower. The entire area where the Eiffel Tower is located in tourist-heavy but gorgeous, The Seine river was especially gorgeous!

Paris Travel Photo Diary
The day we visited it was cloudy so I couldn't get any photos with the blue sky in the background. However, look at this cute eerie picture of the carousel that I took though.

Paris Travel Photo Diary
Here is a look of what the inside of the Eiffel Tower looks like.

Paris Travel Photo Diary
Paris Travel Photo Diary
Day 4: It rained all day on this day which sucked because we didn't get to explore as much as we would've liked. We visited the Eiffel Tower again, this time the other side. We weaved in and out of random shops and cafes when the rain got heavy. I ate this really yummy pastry and a caramel Alpro Caffe.

Paris Travel Photo Diary
Day 5: On our last day in Paris, we woke up early so that we could squeeze in some last-minute shopping. I bought lots of cute souvenirs that I'll share in the next post.

After finishing shopping, my parents and I took a closer look at the Arc De Triomphe. We didn't go all the way to the top but we did see the inside of the Arc De Triomphe. For some reason they had the French flag flowing on the inside, I don't know why. It wasn't there the day we arrived. Before we hopped into our Uber we bought some macarons from the local McDonalds. haha

Paris Travel Photo Diary
Overall, it was a short trip and we didn't get to see as much as I would've liked to see but I had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back one day!

Have you ever visited Paris?

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Currently ♥ No. 39

Watching: High Vibe Honey
Eating: Macarons from Paris
Loving: That Lucy hasn't left my side since coming back.
Feeling: So grateful of everything that's happened these past couples of months.
Listening: AKMU - SAILING
Excited for: To catch up on a bunch of shows, podcasts, and blogs this weekend.
Working on: Trying to get back to my regular routine after being on vacation.
Quote: Any old fool can find something to moan about, but it takes skill and effort to see the good in life. Being happy requires strength and intelligence.

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Currently ♥ No. 38

Reading: Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams by Gala Darling
Eating: Sprouts crispy sweet coconut rolls
Loving: All my amazing online friends ♥
Feeling: Excited!
Listening: Melanie Martinez - K-12
Excited for: My trip to Paris! I'll be flying there this week and I'm beyond excited! I won't be posting next week but I might post a 'currently' post next Friday. Plus, I will be taking my blogging camera so I'll take some cute pictures while I'm in France!
Working on: Last-minute packing
Quote: I am exactly where I need to be in my life and my life gets better and better every day.

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SEVENTEEN Light Stick Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

SEVENTEEN Light Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
K-pop boy group, SEVENTEEN recently made their comeback with 'Fear' which is why I choose their fan light stick to crochet next. They just released their third album, An Ode. SEVENTEEN has always caught my attention because their songs and albums are amazing! 'HIT' is my go-to song to workout to!

SEVENTEEN fans are called carat. The fan colors are rose quartz and serenity. Their fan light stick is called "carat bong", they just released the second version of the carat bong and it's gorgeous! You can use glittery yarn instead of regular to create version 2 of the carat bong.

Since they have yet to invented clear yarn yet, I didn't make the clear dome that surrounds the diamond/carat so I just crocheted that part without the dome and sewed the carat to the center of the base. If you use a sturdy enough yarn and sew properly the carat sound be able to stand on its own. Besides that, this crochet pattern is fairly easy.

Check out more of my free crochet patterns here!

SEVENTEEN Light Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
- H/5.00 mm crochet hook
- Pink worsted weight yarn
- Light blue worsted weight yarn
- White worsted weight yarn
- Slanted tapestry needle
- Polyfil stuffing
- Scissors
- Grey felt
- Fabric glue

ch(s) - chains
st(s) - stitch(es)
slst - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
flo - front loop only
(x_) - repeat (_) amount of times
[x_] - repeat everything inside the [_] times amount of times

Crochet Level

If you have any problems with this pattern feel free to contact me so that I can make corrections to the pattern.

SEVENTEEN Light Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
With H hook and white yarn
Round 1: magic circle 8 sts, slst to first st. Total = 8 sts
Round 2: flo, sc 8 sts, slst to first st. Total = 8 sts
Rounds 3-5: sc 8 sts. Total = 8 sts
Round 6: [2sc in next st, sc 3 sts](x2). Total = 10 sts
Rounds 7-10: sc 10 sts. Total = 10 sts
*start stuffing*
Round 11: [2sc in next st, sc 4 sts](x2). Total = 12 sts
Round 12: sc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts
Round 13: [2sc in next st, sc 3 sts](x3). Total = 15 sts
Round 14: [2sc in next st, sc 4 sts](x3). Total = 18 sts
Round 15: [2sc in next st, sc 2 sts](x6). Total = 24 sts
Rounds 16-17: sc 24 sts. Total = 24 sts
Cut off and leave a long tail for sewing

With H hook and light blue yarn
Round 1: magic circle 6 sts, slst to first st. Total = 6 sts
Round 2: 2sc in each st (x6). Total = 12 sts
Round 3: [2sc in next st, sc 1 st](x6). Total = 18 sts
Round 4: [2sc in next st, sc 2 st](x6). Total = 24 sts
Round 5: sc 24 sts. Total = 24 sts
Cut off and weave ends

SEVENTEEN Light Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
With H hook and pink yarn
Row 1: ch 7, sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
Row 2: turn, ch 1, sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
Row 3: turn, ch 1, dec, sc 2 sts, dec. Total = 4 sts
Row 4: turn, ch 1, dec 2 sts. Total = 2 sts
Row 5: turn, ch 1, dec. Total = 1 st
Cut off and leave a long tail for sewing

Insert your hook to one of the sides of your previous piece
*Rows 6-7: turn, ch 1, sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
Row 8: turn, ch 1, dec, sc 2, dec. Total = 4 sts
Row 9: turn, ch 1, dec 2 sts. Total = 2 sts
Row 10: turn, ch 1, sc 2 sts. Total = 2 sts
**Repeat two more times on the other sides and follow the same instructions from *, leave long tails for sewing.

SEVENTEEN Light Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
Sew all of the sides of the carat piece together to form a diamond, stuff lightly (I used all the scraps from the leftover yarn ends). Securely sew the carat to the center of the blue base. Stuff the rest of the handle with polyfill stuffing. Weave in all loose ends.

With grey felt, cut out the SEVENTEEN logo and adhere with glue to the top of the pink carat. Press down to secure and let it air dry.

SEVENTEEN Light Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
What's your favorite SEVENTEEN song?

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My Favorite Inspirational Podcasts

It feels like I'm always listening to podcasts. When I'm tired of music or feeling a little lonely I pop on podcasts to comfort me. Almost a year ago, I shared my top 5 favorite podcasts but since then I've discovered more new podcasts, so I think I may have to post an update soon! Today I'm going to break it down and share 4 of my favorite podcasts that I listen to when I want to feel inspired and motivated. These podcasts have been extremely impactful to me in the past couple of months and I really think they could help some of you who may be feeling down.

On Purpose
One of my favorite podcasts to listen to when I'm feeling uninspired or unmotived is On Purpose with Jay Shetty. Jay talks about how you have the power to change and better your life in his podcast. He interviews insightful people on their journeys to finding their purpose in life. Most of the guests he has had on I've never even heard of but I find their conversions very inspiring. Some of my favorite interviews have featured his wife, Chrissy Metz, Dr. Oz, Dan Buettner, and Ben Leedle, and Marie Forleo.

Favorite episodes: 3 Myths About Manifesting Your Dream Job and 3 Ways to Start Doing It Right, 7 Things to Do This Weekend to Boost Your Mental Health, and 6 Reasons Why It's Never Too Late To Quit and Start Over

The Happiness Lab
A few months ago I took the Science of well-being course online, taught by Laurie Santos, the host of The Happiness Lab. When I heard she was coming out with a podcast talking about happiness it definitely sparked my interest. The podcast explains the science behind being happy and explore whether we can improve our happiness. Since this is a new podcast there is only one episode up at the moment but I can't wait to listen to more episodes in the future. If you're interested in this podcast I highly recommend signing up for the science of well-being course online here. It's really facilitating!

The Goop Podcast
One of my guilty pleasures is Goop. I find their articles to be intriguing. When I saw that they had a podcast, The Goop Podcast, I was was also drawn to it. The topics range from women's health, spirituality, women in the workplace, motherhood, nutritional, mental health, creativity, etc. Love Gwyneth Paltrow interviews but the other episodes with Elise are just as informative and inspiring.

Favorite episodes: Gwyneth x Oprah: Power, Perception + Soul Purpose, The Anxious Mind, How Do We Heal from Depression, Why We're Not Broken, and Why Fear Can Be Magical

The Boondocks
One of my favorite Youtubers, High Carb Hanna, and her husband have a podcast called The Boondocks, they talk about their experience being vegan social influencers, their journeys with the law of attraction all whilst living in the boondocks. They haven't posted a new podcast since June but I'm hoping that they'll return soon because I really enjoy listening to them.

Favorite episodes: Law of Attraction + Manifestation and Diving Deep Into The Law of Attraction.

What's your favorite podcast to listen to when you want to be inspired?

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Currently ♥ No. 37

currently 09/13/19
Watching: Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020
Loving: This post. This is the third time this week I've seen from women who don't want any children. I love that more women are expressing that they don't not wanting kids. I've never wanted kids and felt odd because of it but I'm glad more women are being vocal about this.
Feeling: Unmotivated, especially on my blog. I'm not sure what to post anymore so I'm going to try to find some time this weekend to find some motivation to post more often. Let me know what blog posts are your favorites in the comments.
Excited for: One more week until Paris!
Practicing: Trying to get the hang of recording videos. Last weekend I recorded some videos but they were all cut off! Going to refilm again this weekend so I can post a new video on my Youtube channel next week. In the meantime, you can watch this video to learn how to crochet.
Working on: October content. What Halloween posts would you like to see next month?
Quote: You are also allowed to not be positive, productive or happy every single day. Sometimes you just need a break and it's totally okay.

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Currently ♥ No. 36

Watching: The Great British Baking Show. Does anybody else find it annoying that Netflix decided to post this weekly? Because I sure am!
Eating: Archer Farms Candy Corn Crunch
Loving: This Kickstarter! I'm so excited for this book to be made!
Feeling: Proud of myself 
Listening: Lana Del Rey - Norman F*****g Rockwell!
Excited for: Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch!
Working on: Going through a major room clean up. This weekend my goal is to go through every inch in my room and get rid of anything that I no longer use or sparks joy.
Quote: The longer you wait the more you scare yourself from trying.

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31 Wonderful Little Things ♥ August 2019

1 Still can't believe I saw Monsta X in the flesh! Read about my concert experience here.
3 Booked a family trip to France!
4 Started the Blogitlates #100glutechallenge
5 Grateful for the friendships I've made online
6 Filmed my first YouTube video!
7 Posted my first crochet pattern in a while
8 The Tablo Podcast
9 Found out the gender of my sister's baby!
10 Watch Monsta X We Are Here Tour again but this time over VLive. haha 
12 Made a yummy acai bowl
13 Received the cutest pouch from ShiroiRoom
14 Finally got my hands on a Monsta X We Are Here tour shirt! Thank you Minnie!
15 Day one of lifting weights
16 Watched Hotel Del Luna. Love this drama so much!
17 The new Hobonichi 2020 lineup
18 Tried a new pasta recipe that tasted really good!
19 Umpah Umpah!
20 One month away from France!
21 Posted a how-to crochet video on my Youtube
22 When others share their finished versions of my crochet patterns.
23 When a skincare product you purchased on a whim actually works!
24 Gave Lucy a bath. Nothing better than a fresh fluffy pup!
25 Started watching Love Alarm! Such a cute drama. Can't wait for part two!
26 Found out that Morning Star brought back my favorite mini corn dogs again!
27 First PSL of the season!
28 When you successfully reach your water intake for the day
29 Finished my first book by Haruki Murakami
30 The return of The Great British Bakeoff
31 Lana Del Rey's new album. OMG! Amazing!

How was your August?

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Hot K-Pop Summer Playlist ♥ Summer 2019

Hot K-Pop Summer Playlist
Now that we've entered September I can finally release my playlist with my favorite K-pop Summer songs of the year! I always like to wait until the end of summer before I share my summer playlist because you never know when a hit might drop! haha

If you've followed me for a few years, you know that I'm all about summer playlists! In the past, I've posted my Top 15 songs or favorite music videos but this year I decided to just post one huge playlist featuring my favorite songs from 2019 with that "summery feel" but I also threw in some chill summer jams to balance out all the hyperactive summer bops.

This playlist is huge so it's perfect for a long road or plane trip. It contains 40 K-pop songs from various groups and artists. The playlist is available via Spotify so you can save it and listen to it whenever you want it to feel like summer again!

Hot K-Pop Summer Playlist
What was your favorite summer song from 2019?

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