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Halloween Mood Board ♥ Blogtober

Halloween Mood Board
One of my favorite ways to decorate for the season is to rearrange my bulletin board. I've shared many posts of my mood/dream boards in the past (check out the bottom for links to those blog posts). Last year, I did an autumn mood board so this year I decided to make it more Halloween-themed because I love Halloween!

Halloween Mood Board
On the top left corner, a Teru Teru bozu crochet plush, an autumnal card from A Beautiful Mess, and a granny square.

Halloween Mood Board
On the lower right side, a crocheted pumpkin keychain, inspirational quote, a Frida dangle by LoveNeen, two prints from Michelle Coffee, a witch die cut from HelloPaperCat and a pumpkin D.Va bunny cotton candy pin from Sharodactyl Art.

Halloween Mood Board
On the lower center and corner, I have some art by Vickisigh, a glitter bat, a candy corn Pusheen keychain, and a keychain I got in Paris. Do you like my little Parisian corner? haha

Halloween Mood Board
On the top right corner, a keychain and print from Bright Bat Design, a crocheted heart, a D.Va print from Sharodactyl Art. The drawing on the corner was drawn by me (check out the crochet painting here).

Halloween Mood Board
Since I have so many art prints but limited space on my bulletin board I've started taping them to the outside of the board with washi tape. The top print is from Shiroiroom and the bottom is by Michelle Coffee.

Halloween Mood Board
Finally, at the bottom of the bulletin board is a pumpkin bunting. I think it completes the mood board, don't you?

Halloween Mood Board
Do you have a bulletin board?

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  1. I wish my bulletin board is as cute as this. I just got a wire grid for my wall but I really don't know how to decorate it. Your crochet pumpkin bunting is the cutest thing! I love peach so I can imagine putting up peach crochet bunting on my wire grid.

    1. Aww, thank you! Hopefully, you can find some inspiration in this post to help you decorate your wire grid. A peach bunting would be so cute! When I first made this pumpkin bunting I thought it resembled apples more than pumpkins. haha ♥


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