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a twenty-something kawaii lifestyle blogger, and creator of Mooeyandfriends, based in the United States. On my blog, I share rambles of my daily life, advice, DIY, crochet patterns, stationery-related posts.

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Currently ♥ No 45

Watching: My First First Love
Drinking: Iced white peppermint mochas.
Eating: Jammie Dodgers
Loving: A Beautiful Mess Podcast! I love this blog so much so I'm glad they started a podcast.
Feeling: Excited
Excited for: Going to Korea! I'm so excited to let you all know. Thanks to everybody who congratulated me! I can't wait to share my journey with you all. I explain everything in this post, go read it if you haven't.
Working on: With so many changes happening in my life another change I want to make is a new blog layout. So if you notice a change soon don't be surprised. Stay tuned!
Quote: "People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day."

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  1. Ah I can't wait to see your new blog look! Ooh and you've reminded me to finally listen to HyunA's new stuff. Off to do that now!

    1. I can't wait for you to see it! I love HyunA's new song, she looks so happy too! ♥

  2. I'm loving your new template! I love everything from GBML shop and you made it livelier.
    I love Got7's You Calling My Name. I shall listen to Hyuna's new song.
    Iced White Peppermint Mochas sound so good right now.

    1. Yes, I discovered GBML through you, so thank you! ♥


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