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Watching: Q2HAN
Drinking: Lots of water! Stay hydrated!
Eating: Thanksgiving food. Last night, we had a Thanksgiving/going away dinner. Since I'm not going to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.
Loving: My family
Feeling: Emotional. Sad, nervous, scared, excited, etc. So many emotions this week.
Listening: IU - Love Poem
Excited for: Going to Korea! I'm writing this a few hours before I go to the airport. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated. By the way, should I open a new Instagram account for all my Korean adventures?
Practicing: Korean. I'm nervous I'm going to forget everything I've learned on my own. haha
Working on: Embracing the new. I upgraded to an iPhone 11 and new lens for my glasses. I've only had them for a few days so I still need to get used to them.
Quote: Every moment that changes your life, changes who you are.

Next time I publish a new blog post I will be in South Korea! OMG! Wish me luck!

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