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Patreon Happy Mail ♥ November 2019

Patreon Happy Mail
As a small business, I love supporting other indie independent artists because I know the hard work that goes into making every single piece that you create. Being creative is fun but requires lots of time, work and money! That's why since Patreon launched I've been trying to support some of my favorite artists. For the month of November, I choose two artists to support, Michelle Coffee and Tiny Plant, by supporting them on Patreon I received some Patron rewards. Today I'm going to share what I received in my Patreon happy mail.

Patreon Happy Mail
I've been supporting Michelle Coffee for 3 months now. I love how bright her artwork is! Depending on which tier you choose she will normally send a sticker sheet and print. I choose the $10 tier so for November I received 2 sticker sheets and a print. The stickers sheets have that autumnal feel. I personally adore the stickers with the washi tape!

Patreon Happy Mail
This was the print for November 2019. I'm not a fan of any bugs but the attention to detail on the moth's wings is so incredible! Support Michelle Coffee on Patreon.

Patreon Happy Mail
A new artist that I decided to support for the month of November was Tiny Plant (aka Kiana). I've been a fan of her illustrations because I love her kawaii artwork and pastel color palette.

When I saw a preview on her Instagram of what the Patreon rewards were for November I had to sign up! However, at the time I wanted to sign up for her Plant Mail, there weren't any available spots for the $10 tier. But after stalking Tiny Plant on Patreon everyday I was able to get a spot!

Patreon Happy Mail
Depending on which tier you pick you will receive a goodie pack with a bunch of cute stationery. Everything came neatly packaged with a sweet handwritten note on the back.

Patreon Happy Mail
If you choose the Mini Plant Mail ($5) you got all of these cute goodies, page flags, 3" vinyl sticker, and a glossy sticker.

Patreon Happy Mail
If you choose the regular Plant Mail ($10) you would get everything from the mini Plant Mail as well as a sticker sheet.

Patreon Happy Mail
Last but not least, the reason why I signed up for Kianna's sticker club was because of this freakin adorable postcard! It was extra to the $10 tier. I can't wait to stick this up on my wall with washi tape so I can always look up at it to adore it. Support Tiny Plant on Patreon.

Patreon Happy Mail
Who are some of your favorite artists/small businesses?


  1. You are so lovely for supporting artists! I love your goodies <3

    1. As a small business/artist I feel like I need to support other fellow artists because of the #hustle. I love supporting my favorite artists when I can. ♥


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