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Planners I'm Using 2020 ♥ PVC Diary Setup + Flip-Through

Planners I'm Using 2020 & PVC Diary Setup + Flip-Through
I'm back with another Youtube video today! This time, I'm sharing some of my latest ARTBOX purchases, specifically planners and journals. Like my Daiso Korea haul, I originally wanted to make a photo-heavy blog post but I think it's easier to film a video, but I did both! I share a few pictures of the planner/journal/diaryI will be using this year but if you would like to see a better look and flip-through of each paper good watch here. Remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel to keep updated all on of my latest videos.

Planners I'm Using 2020 & PVC Diary Setup + Flip-Through
The main planner I will be using in 2020 is this hardcover A5 planner from ARTBOX. It's a hardcover binder-style planner. When you open it there is 6-ring inside which you can open to take out pages to decorate, I really like this concept because it reduces any obstacles that may happen when decorating your planner. What really sold me on this planner were all the cute illustrations on the pages, especially the back pages! It also comes with a sheet of stickers in the back!

Planners I'm Using 2020 & PVC Diary Setup + Flip-Through
Another 6-ring journal? Yes! Unlike the other 6-ring planner this is a A6 size and it's not a planner, they're different! These clear PVC journals are really popular in Korea. I've seen other bloggers use these in the past and they always looked super cute which is why I decided to invest in one this year. To be honest, I've never been into 6-ring/hole binder planners before because I feel like they would be really bulking and I'm not into super thick planners. says the one with a super thick Hobonichi. However,  the clear PVC material makes these journals/dairies less bulky.

Speaking of Hobonichi, I didn't buy a 2020 Hobonichi (I forgot to order one before I left for Korea) so I'm going to also be using this journal as an art/memory journal to document memorable days.

Check out my video down below to see how I setup my first 6-ring PVC diary and a flip-through.

Planners I'm Using 2020 & PVC Diary Setup + Flip-Through
The last stationery item I will be using in 2020 is this adorable cashbook. I saw a section of these cashbooks and just knew that I needed one to keep track of all of my spending in 2020. It doesn't hurt that the cover is stinkin' cute too! Hopefully, the cute characters can cheer me up from all of my spending woes. haha

What planner/journals are you using in 2020?


  1. I loveeee hard cover 6-ring binder notebook and I first saw it on Lucalab. Planning to buy that one then I your artbox hand cover ring binder but I think the one that I hold was with "Good Things Are Coming" written on it. It comes with additional colorful inserts but I settled with Second Mansion binder notebook instead.

    That's how you know that Korea got so many cute ring binder journal that you don't know which one to buy. hahaha
    I love that cute PVC journal. I started my bullet journal with a pvc journal and still using it. I'm not going back to normal notebook because with ring binder, I can customise however I want it, the inside and out.

  2. It was so difficult to pick a 6-ring binder notebook! Artbox has so many options! They have some Lucalab and Second Mansion journals at Artbox too! I accidentally bought some inserts from them. oops! They don't fit my journals but I think I can rearrange them with a hole puncher.

    I actually bought another PVC journal Daiso because it was only $3 and had the cutest cover. Not sure what I'm going to use it for but I'm glad I bought it! haha ♥


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