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20 Kawaii Things From South Korea ♥ Mooey In Korea

20 Kawaii Things From South Korea
While I was in South Korea I accumulated lots of cute things. So much that I thought I would share all the cuteness with you all! I also filmed a video with more items and showing you a more in-depth view of each item. It will be up later this week. Until then, enjoy this post and please wait for the Youtube video. UPDATE: Watch the video here.

20 Kawaii Things From South Korea
1. Kakao Friends X TWICE Always Together Collection Glasses Case - When I went to the Kakao Friends a lot of the Kakao Friends X Twice collection was on sale. The collection is 100% my style because everything is pastel pink and purple so I picked up a few things. I really needed a case for my glasses and you can never have enough socks, right?

2. Kakao Friends X TWICE Always Together Collection Socks - The socks are so fluffy I'm afraid to wear them because I think I'm going to ruin them! haha

3. Daiso Korea Pastel Crochet Hooks

4. Lower Belly Heating Pad

5. Bunny Marshmallow - At the supermarket, they had a display of lots of cute Valentine's Day things. One of them being, this hot chocolate set. I posted on my IG story what the marshmallow looks like when in a hot beverage. I have one marshmallow left so I'm saving it to use in a cozy journal with me video.

6. Artbox Dog Mousepad - Mousepads are an item they have a lot of in Korea, I literally see them in every shop. The first time I visited Artbox I saw some dog butt mousepads and made a mental note to go back and buy one before I left. When I went back all of the mousepads I wanted were sold out, isn't that just the way? I decided to check one more Artbox before I left and was able to find the last dog butt mousepad!

20 Kawaii Things From South Korea
7. Babichon Wet Wipes

9. Peko Beauty Blender Holder - This is a beauty blender holder. It comes with a suction cup so you can adhere to the bathroom mirror which is what I did so I can remember to wash it. Probably the cutest thing I never knew I needed! haha

13. Babichon Pouch - Can you tell I love this character? haha

14. Daiso Round Mirror

20 Kawaii Things From South Korea
15. Daiso Cherry Blossom Pouch - Before I left Korea, Daiso released their Cherry Blossom collection. Everything is pink and floral! I can't wait to go back to purchase more of the Cherry Blossom items!

16. Jelly Pencil Case

17. BT21 Sticky Notes - Can you believe I forgot to include these adorable BT21 sticky notes in all of my Korean stationery hauls? Line Friends X BT21 has such cute stationery at the moment. I especially love the food collection so I bought two sticky notes from the collection. hehe

18. Jelly 6-ring Journal - If you read/saw my Planner 2020 post then you know that I bought my fist 6-ring planner. Well, I also bought another one because Daiso had a cute journal for only $3! Can you tell I'm also a fan of this character? haha

19. Artbox Sticker Book

20 Kawaii Things From South Korea
20 Kawaii Things From South Korea
20. T-money card - T-Money cards are an essential item in South Korea if you plan on using public transportation. They sell special T-Money cards with cute designs for extra $ but you get these super cute card stickers at Artbox and they're less than $1! I recommend that if you like to be extra and customize everything, like me. haha

20 Kawaii Things From South Korea
What's your favorite item?


  1. The Kakao Twice stuff is soooo cute, did you see the Kang Daniel Apeach stuff? It's all peach and cats, I love it but Ryan is still my number 1 even though I only own 1 Ryan thing hahahaha!

    1. I did! I actually bought my younger sister a Apeach keychain from the collection. It's so cute! I wish I would've bought one for me! ♥


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