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Dear Diary, #10

Dear Diary
What happened this week
I finally preorder Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I preordered the journal bundle from Target. I've been holding off because I'm last minute when it comes to preordering things. Now that I've preordered the game I am now officially excited for Animal Crossing! I've been listening to Animal Crossing music, making AC themed journal spreads, watching ACNH videos on Youtube, playing Pocket Camp, and basically doing anything having to do with Animal Crossing. haha

In other news, I also published two new Youtube videos this week. If you haven't seen them please go check them out and give it a like and subscribe if you enjoy my videos. I've been experimenting with ASMR-style videos instead of playing music. If you watch my videos let me know which you prefer.

Current favorites
Watching: The Mandalorian
Feeling: Chill
Listening: This entire week it rained where I live so I listened to Animal Crossing Rainy Day Music because it fit the ambiance.
Excited for: To go out and eat some Korean BBQ with my sisters today.
Practicing: Journal calligraphy, I'm giving this a go again. If anybody has any tips or tricks let me know.

Now playιng: [Kick It] - [NCT 127]
1:09 ─────── 3:53


  1. I can't wait for New Horizons! I preordered it forever ago and it feels like it's so close now and I'm so excited. I will check out your new YouTube videos too ♡

    1. I know only a few more days! Thank you so much Eleanor! ♥


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