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Things That Have Made Me Smile Recently

20 Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently
- Cooked an amazing vegan breakfast, JustEgg with vegan bacon and a dragonfruit smoothie. Yum!
- Giving myself a much-needed manicure
- Recorded a new journal with me video
- Listened to new episodes of my favorite podcasts
- Listened to some new music. Loving EXO's SUHO mini-album!
- The relaxing smell of lavender
- Getting in a good workout first thing in the morning
- Decorating my island on Animal Crossing New Horizons
- Visiting internet friends via Animal Crossing
- Getting the pink vending machine on ACNH
- Homemade iced soy caramel lattes
- Watching Disney movies on Disney+
- Spending some good quality time kawaii journaling
- Starting a new crochet project
- Rewatching The Office
- Adding new stickers to my clear phone case
- Rereading one of my favorite books
- Getting 15k views on my Nintendo Switch video!
- Hitting 100 subscribers on Youtube! Thank you if you subscribed!
- Midday nap with Lucy by my side

What made you smile recently?


  1. This list couldn't be more perfect! Animal Crossing, the Apink comeback and organising my makeup stash have all made me smile recently (:

    1. Awww, thank you Michelle! I love Apink's new song I've been playing it on repeat! ♥


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