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DIY K-pop Polaroids ♥ Making Deco Polaroids

Making DIY K-pop Deco Polaroids
A few weeks ago I saw a lot of my favorite stationery journaling accounts posting these adorable deco K-pop polaroids which are apparently called #polcos. I was so intrigued that I decided to make my own!

There are a few DIY tutorials on Youtube on how to make K-pop deco polaroids but they're similar and use products and programs that I don't have available so I decided to use what I already have. I took out my trusty HP Sprocket and started looking up pictures of my favorite K-pop idols and groups and started decorating. I started out making polaroid stickers by just using printing out polaroids with my Sprocket but eventually, I thought the canvas was too small so I stuck the polaroid on a colorful index card so that I could decorate with more stickers. haha

Making DIY K-pop Deco Polaroids
- HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (mine is the 1st edition which they don't sell anymore so I linked the newer version)
- Letter stickers
- Washi tape
- White pen
- Glitter sequins
- Glue
- Scissors

I also published a video on the process of how I create my K-pop deco polaroids. Watch the video down below! Remember to like and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos in the future!

Making DIY K-pop Deco Polaroids
Here are some of my deco polaroids. I bought this photobook that is meant for K-pop photocards but my polaroid stickers fit perfectly inside. I attached pockets to the front and back of the booklet to store the polaroid cards.

Making DIY K-pop Deco Polaroids
Have you decorated any K-pop polaroids?


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