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My Birthday To Do List

My Birthday To Do List
Happy Birthday to me! Today is my 27th birthday. I wrote this the night before my birthday so everything may not go in order but I plan on 

- Morning meditation and do some birthday yoga
- Quick cold shower (because it's so hot!)
- Take vitamins
- Eat a light and healthy breakfast
- Do a quick Tarot reading
- Tidy up my room
- Play the Animal Crossing birthday event!
- Listen to podcasts
- Do my hair and makeup. Got to look pretty for my special day!
- Paint my nails
- Get my birthday Starbucks drink
- Birthday dinner. My mom is making me pasta.
- Cake and macarons!
- Evening Animal Crossing. I'm currently renovating my island for like the fourth time! haha
- Watch a feel-good movie or show
- Journal about my day
- Read a book
- End the day by meditating for a few minutes

When is your birthday?


  1. This is so late but I hope you had a good birthday and got to enjoy everything you wanted to xoxo


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