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Lovely Things 2

Lovely Things
- Finding time before bed to sneak in a quick read
- That magical feeling of a new Oracle Deck
- Trying out a new guided meditation
- The feeling of freshly clean tousled hair
- Crocheting a meditation cushion
- That first whiff of a newly lit candle
- Being an adult and trying out a new medication to ease my anxiety
- Receiving lots of love from this blog post
- My mother surprising me with that cute Baby Yoda shirt
- A surprise visit from my sister and nephew
- Seeing my baby nephew smile while holding a plushie I made for him
- Tapping my problems away
- Having a sip of an iced soy green latte from Starbucks
- Listening to this music in the background while I tidy my room
- The first sip of coffee after not having one for two days

What lovely things have made you smile recently?


  1. i have been craving a starbucks iced matcha latte for so long and this has made me want one even more!


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