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The ABCs of K-Pop Playlist ♥ 2015-2016

The ABCs of K-Pop  2015-2016 Playlist
I started this series a few years ago and thought I would continue it because during this quarantine I've been catching myself listening to older songs rather than new ones because I've been feeling very nostalgic. Anybody else?

If you're new to this series, I basically share a song or artist with a matching letter from the Alphabet.
I wanted to start this series because I know there are many people who might be new to the world of K-pop and may want to listen to more songs other than BTS (though BTS is featured in this playlist). As a fan of K-pop, I've seen many amazing groups and artists come and go with only their catalog of songs left behind. If you like any of the artists I highly encourage you to listen to their music library. 

I try my best to not repeat artists but some letters were more difficult than others to find a song or artist, for example, Q! I couldn't come up with any songs or artists that released a song in 2015-2016, I could be wrong so if any of you can come up with a song or artists that begin with the letter Q then please leave a comment. I hope you enjoy this playlist and let me know which song was your favorite!

Were you listening to K-pop around 2015-2016?


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