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Dear Diary, #37

Dear Diary
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Watching: Alive
Drinking: Teavana citrus lavender herbal tea
Feeling: Depressed
Listening: Music. I've been listening to a lot of great music recently. I'm thinking of posting  playlist but I'm not sure if you all like those types of posts so let me know if you're interested.
Excited for: Next week my younger sister and nephew are coming over and staying with me for a few weeks. Maybe their company will cheer me up.
Working on: Brainstorming content for Blogtober
Quote: Just because you're going through a rough patch, it doesn't mean you always will be.
Posts from the week: Dear Diary, #36
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Now playιng: [Back Door] - [Stray Kids]
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  1. Sending you so much love and all the good vibes, Michelle <3

  2. I hope your family is able to cheer you up! I am also brainstorming for Blogtober - I look forward to reading your posts! :)
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

    1. Thank you. I can't wait to see what posts you publish during Blogtober. ♥

  3. Citrus lavender herbal tea sounds lovely! I hope you get out of this rut you currently feel you're in, I'm always here for a chat 😊

    🌿 Marissa Belle × marsybun.com 🌿

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling depressed! I've been so unmotivated, which has led to being depressed or maybe it's the other way around. v.v Let's get through this! I'm here if you need to talk.


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