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Spooky Podcasts to Listen to this Month ♥ Blogtoger

Spooky Podcasts to Listen to this Month
I'm a huge fan of podcasts. I've shared some of my favorite podcasts in the past but since it's Halloween season I thought I would share some of my favorite spooky podcasts with you all. Paranormal podcasts are my favorite type of podcasts to listen to. I listen to scary podcasts regularly, I'm fascinated with real stories about ghosts and other paranormal phenomena, I don't think all stories are 100% real, could be a dream or something else... With that said, I am a believer in ghosts and aliens but I never want to experience anything! haha

As much as I listen to podcasts I don't like listening to those scripted podcasts with fake sounds and an overdramatic narrator. I know a lot of people like scripted podcasts but that's not my cup of tea. I love listening to podcasts where the hosts sound like they're your friends, and you're having a deep conversation over a cup of coffee. Those are the type of podcasts that I'll be recommending in this post. Enjoy!

The newest addition to my podcast library. This is a podcast where host, Alison Leiby, watches and retells a horror movie and spoils the plot to co-host, Halle Kiefer, who is too afraid to watch but fascinated with the twists of horror flicks. I love the concept of this podcast! It's a newer podcast and only has a few episodes out at the moment so go and give them a chance!

Ghost Adventures Adventures
If you're a paranormal junkie then you've probably heard of Ghost Adventures. In the podcast, sibling duo, Kristen and Will watch all the seasons of Ghost Adventures and discuss their favorite moments from the paranormal ghosting hosting show. I've never watched Ghost Adventures but I hear other podcasts mention the show all the time. It's really funny hearing commentary of Ghost Adventures because from what I heard the show Ghost Adventure takes it's self too seriously and that makes it very comedic. If any of you watch Ghost Adventures let me know if it's worth watching or not.

Jim Harold's Campfire
If you really want to get scared I highly recommend listening to Jim Harold's Campfire. In this podcast, host Jim Harold, calls listeners and they retell him some of their true paranormal experiences such as ghost stories, hauntings, UFO encounters, or flat out head-scratchers. Some episodes can get really scary to the point where I refuse to listen to this podcast when I'm home alone! Sometimes some stories will pop up where you're afraid to go to sleep at night and question whether the story from the listener was real or not.

Two Girls One Ghost
I've mentioned this podcast before in my top 5 podcasts post. It's still one of my favorite podcasts that I look forward to each week! The two hosts, Sabrina and Corinne, tell ghosts stories every week they pick a scary topic and share listener stories of their experiences with the other side. 

I love this podcast because the two hosts are like best friends I've always wanted! I don't know many people who enjoy scary/haunted stuff (hence why I have to listen to paranormal podcasts) so it's nice to have a podcast where the hosts sound as if they're your friends. Not only that but you can tell the hosts genuinely care about each other are best friends in real life. Sometimes co-hosts constantly interrupt each other and talking over each other which is annoying but these girls don't and I love that. Be warned though, because like Jim Harold's Campfire some episodes might keep you up at night!

What's your favorite paranormal podcast?


  1. I've started listening to Podcasts a lot more lately, I loved Tablo's podcast but he ended it and I've been looking for something new to listen to, I still listen to Lore occasionally and I found one called Ghost Tales, South East Asian horror stories, it's only 10 - 15 minutes long but can be genuinely creepy!! Anyway I will check these out and give them a listen xoxo

    1. I still haven't brought myself to listen to the last 3 episodes of Tablo's podcast because I loved it so much!

      Oooh, I will definitely look up Ghost Tales! Even though I listen to a lot of paranormal podcasts they rarely cover Asian horror stories, which is odd because I would think they would have a lot. Thanks, Cate! ♥

  2. These all sound like great podcasts to listen to this month - thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

  3. Oooo these sound perfect for getting me in the halloween mood

    1. Yes! Please listen to these podcasts and let me know what you think! :) ♥


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