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Dear Diary, #44

Dear Diary, #44
Current favorites
Watching: The Queen's Gambit
Playing: Splatoon 2. I started replaying because of the Halloween Splatfest. It's a great game to play when you don't want to focus too much on a game. Does anybody else play Splatoon? 
Drinking: My first iced white peppermint mocha of the year
Eating: Nature's Bakery Fig Bars
Feeling: Stressed! I live in the US and this election has been very stressful. At this point, we still don't have a winner but it looks like Georgia (where I live) is turning blue and that's amazing news!
Listening: MONSTA X - Fatal Love
Practicing: Trying to stay off social media. This is why I took a break this week from my blog. I don't want this election to consume all my time so I'm trying to stay off social media and focus on other things.
Working on: Crocheting a crop top for my sister. I don't normally crochet clothes but I want to start experimenting so I'm working on a crop top for her because she likes cropped clothing. I'll share pictures on my Instagram when I'm done with it.
Posts from the week: Dear Diary, #43

Now playιng: [Love Killa] - [MONSTA X]
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  1. It's been a while since I last commenting on your post. Sorry about that.
    I'm watching The Queen's Gambit too.
    The US election is a really hot topic right now even in Malaysia, happy to hear it's blue in Georgia hehe

    1. It's okay! Yeah, the US election seemed to become a global topic, haha. Hopefully, things will begin to calm down in the US now. ♥


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