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Seven Things ♥ Week 4

Seven Things
- Loving the webtoon, True Beauty. I've heard so much about this webtoon so I read a few of the first chapters and it's adorable. They recently released a live-action adaptation and I'm shocked that they decided to change so much! Whilst reading the webtoon, I could imagine what the story would look like as a K-drama but for the actual drama, they made some questionable changes. As of right now, I've only watched the first episode but I'm curious to see how the other characters are portrayed so I'm going to give the drama a chance. Have any of you read True Beauty or watched the drama?

- The recent Animal Crossing updateIt came way too late though. To be honest, I was expecting more with this update (still waiting on Brewster...) but any update is better than nothing at all.

- The fresh new cushiony feel of a brand new yoga mat accompanied by a new essential oil diffuser. I love smelling my essential oil combos while in deep meditation.

- Scoring some new beauty goodies from the Colourpop x Animal Crossing collection! Would you like to see a haul with swatches of the items I bought?

- Tidying up and reorganizing my desk area. It's so nice to not have any loose papers sitting by my side. haha

- New music from one of my favorite girl groups, Dreamcatcher! If you like rock or metal (and K-pop) I like you'll like them. Seriously go check out their music because they're amazing!

- The blissful time of journaling while listening to some incredible music.

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  1. Ok that's the third time I've heard some mention True Beauty today, I'm going to have to start it! Would you recommend the webtoon or K-drama more? x

    1. Definitely the webtoon! I'm on episode 3 of the drama and it's alright but the webtoon is so much better! ♥

  2. Really loving your yoga mat! It has such a dreamy cloudy print, and I think it would motivate me to work out. Tidying our spaces can really do wonders; I enjoy tidying a lot more now because it helps me focus and appreciate my work space more. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Anna Jo | www.helloannajo.com

    1. When I'm practicing yoga it makes me feel like I'm up on the clouds! I'm loving the clean and organized space on my desk. I literally just sit and stare at my desk because it's so tidy! haha ♥

  3. I'm so glad you were able to snag some pieces from the Colourpop x Animal Crossing collection omg! I would love to see a post all about your thoughts :)

    1. Yeah, I got everything I wanted! I will definitely share my thoughts on the items I got when they arrived. ♥


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