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Seven Things ♥ Week 7

Seven Things
- Starting the week off with Festivale on Animal Crossing. Definitely took me longer to collect all those feathers but it was fun and I loved seeing all my cute villagers dance. haha

- Celebrating pancake day with a batch of banana pancakes drenched in maple syrup.
- Getting sleepy and going to sleep at an appropriate time. Is this what normal people feel like? Let's see how long this lasts. haha

- Sending quality time with the fam.

- Surprised by the announcement of Splatoon 3! Was not expecting a new Splatoon game so soon. I mean we still have a year but Splatoon 2 didn't come out that long ago.

- I made the famous Korean street food treat, Croiffles, aka croissant waffles. I used this recipe if you're interested in making some, They were amazingly delicious!

- It's my majestic Pomeranian pup Lucy's 7th birthday tomorrow! To celebrate we made her a peanut butter cake and a trip to the groomers.

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What little thing made you smile this week?


  1. I missed the Animal Crossing Festivale! *sobs* Also, I want a banana pancake, yummy! As for what's making me happy, definitely my new little blog. I'm Angela Kawada, if you remember that account, but now I'm also Everything So Kawaii! I wanted to talk about kawaii stuff 24/7 somewhere, so now I am. ^_- I'm also happy that I'll be getting my first paycheck soon!

    1. I did as well so I time-traveled back, haha. I'm so happy that you rebranded. I'm excited to read all your posts about all things kawaii. ♥

  2. Ooh, banana pancakes sound delicious! I am HIGH-key *obsessed* with pancakes and I looooove anything banana flavoured, but have somehow never had banana flavoured pancakes before, so I definitely have to give them a try someday ��

    Happy birthday to Lucy, too! I love that you made her a cake. Nothing warms my heart more than to see pet owners who love their pets so much that they actually CELEBRATE their pets birthdays! It's so sweet ��

    1. Pancakes are amazing! Banana flavored milk is the best, when I lived in Korea I would get banana milk all the time. The US doesn't have any good banana milk. 😭

      Thanks! My sister made her pupcakes, I can't bake to save my life 🤣 I probably should learn how to make Lucy some meals from scratch. My parents make her eggs in the morning and she loves that too. I'll give her sweet potatoes and boiled eggs from time to time. haha ♥


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