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Seven Things ♥ Week 9

Seven Things
- Proud of myself for being able to restring my classic guitar on my own. At one point, I thought I had messed up the strings but it ended up working out.

- My go-to meal this week has been bibimbap. I use a bowl of jasmine brown rice, veggies (my favorite avocado), sunny side up egg, sesame oil, soy sauce, and 고추장, I mix a bit of maple syrup in mine.

- I binged watched Behind Her Eyes on Netflix. I actually like this show and watched the entire show in one day! I would absolutely recommend this series.

- I downloaded Genshin Impact on my iPad. I've been hearing so much about this game and thought it was only available on PC but then an ad for the mobile app played before a Youtube video so I downloaded it. I've only played a little but the graphics are gorgeous! Have any of you played Genshin Impact?

- The lovely surprise of spring green grass in Animal Crossing. 😍

- WandaVision finale episode tonight! Can't wait!

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  1. That crochet design is so cute!! Your 7 things this week actually make me feel better since mine has been hectic. lol
    My highlight was receiving a package in the mail from one of my art colleagues.^_^


    1. Thank you! I've obsessed with crocheting granny square lately. Getting a package is always a mood booster! haha ♥

  2. Aw lovely things! I really love watching Wandavision, Evan Peter's Quicksilver is my favourite character ever, I had to go back and watch all the X Men films again lol! I really love reading your posts, they always lift my spirits and are full of the loveliest things :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! This is such a sweet comment. I loved Evan Peter as Quicksilver too! I really thought the new X-Men would start to assemble in WandaVision but I guess that's not the case anymore. ♥


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