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Seven Things ♥ Week 17

Seven Things
- I've been manifesting like crazy this week! I'm actually tempted to try this water manifestation technique. Has anybody tried manifesting with water before?

- I've been loving all the NCT DREAM content that we've been getting! The 7llin' in the DREAM series is my favorite, so relaxing and chill to watch. NCT DREAM is the NCT subgroup I know the least of (the members anyways) but thanks to all the promotion for their 1st album I've been learning more about these boys.

- Marshal moved to my Animal Crossing Island! I must admit I'm a huge fan of this spunky smol squirrel.

- A few days ago I made an amazing noodle stir fry dish using Quron meatless pieces. I made a huge batch but devoured it within two days! It was so delicious and I wished I still had some. haha

- Is it just me or was this week just A WEEK! I don't what it is (could've been the full moon energy) but I just felt so mentally exhausted. I was in bed before midnight most nights which is RARE for me but I was just knocked out. Did anybody else feel drained from the week?

- Today is the last day to enter my crochet lightstick K-pop keychain and deco polaroid giveaway! Enter here.

- I can't believe it's the first day of May tomorrow? This year is flying by!

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