BT21 Vampire Shooky Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

BT21 Vampire Shooky Crochet Pattern
Line released a special collection for BT21 to celebrate Halloween. They dressed the BT21 characters is costumes, basic costumes such as mummies, zombies, vampires, etc. If I knew I would've crocheted more of the characters but I found out late so I ran a poll on Twitter and asked you guys which character should I make and Shooky won!

Shooky is dressed up as a vampire so I just changed his original colors and crocheted him a set of wings and horns. I used Vanna's Choice Soft yarn instead of Red Heart Super Saver (my go-to worsted yarn) because when I used SS the wings came out too big so I recommend using a thinner yarn to fit Shooky perfectly.

BT21 Vampire Shooky Crochet Pattern
- Orange worsted yarn
- Red worsted yarn
- Black yarn
- H/5.00 mm crochet hook
- G/4.25 mm crochet hook
- Polyfil stuffing
- Black felt
- White felt
- No-sew Glue
- Scissors
- Darning needle
- Sewing pins (optional)

Ch(s) - chain(es)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Slst - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dec - decrease
Flo - fron loop only
Blo - back loop only
(x__) - repeat __ amount of times

BT21 Vampire Shooky Crochet Pattern
Follow the Shooky pattern for Shooky's cookie body but use the orange yarn for the body and red yarn for his arms and legs. Stuff with polyfill and sew his arms and legs.

BT21 Vampire Shooky Crochet Pattern
Wings (make 2)
Use G hook and black yarn
- Ch 13 sts, flo sc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts
- Sc 12 sts. (x2) Total = 12 sts
- Sc 4 sts. Total = 4 sts
- Ch 1, turn dec 2 sts. Total = 2 sts
- Sc 2 sts. Total = 2 sts
- Dec 2 sts. Total = 1 sts
Cut off
Next to the piece you just made, skip one st and insert your hook on the second slst.
- Sc 4 sts. Total = 4 sts
- Ch 1, turn dec 2 sts. Total = 2 sts
- Dec 2 sts. Total = 1 sts
Cut off
Go back to where you started and find the line of flo sts. Insert your hook on the side (where you started your ch).
- Sc 5 sts. Total = 5 sts
- Ch 1, turn, dec, sc 1 st, dec. Total = 3 sts
- Dec 2 sts. Total = 1 sts
Cut off

Insert your hook on the corner of the left side of the wing and slst all around until you read the bottom of the bottom of the left side where you start (don't crochet the sts between). Cut off an weave in all of the loose ends

Horns (make 2)
Use G hook and black yarn
- Ch 5 sts, sc 4 sts. Total = 4 sts
- Ch 1, turn dec 2 sts. Total = 2 sts
- Ch 1, turn, dec. Total = 1 sts
Cut off, leave long tail for sewing

BT21 Vampire Shooky Crochet Pattern
With black felt, cut out Shooky's eyes, brows, and mouth. Cut out a tooth using the white felt. Glue everything down and press to secure.

BT21 Vampire Shooky Crochet Pattern
If you guys want to make the rest of the Halloween BT21 characters here are some changes you can try to do using my BT21 patterns. If you try any of these changes let me know.

Koya - Vampire
 Koya is also a vampire so if you guys can also make this set for him and just changed this ears and nose to orange. 

Cooky - Skeleton
If you want to make skeleton Cooky, crochet his body (don't color change) and ear but just black yarn instead of pink. Then follow Chimmy's face pattern but use black and orange instead. Cut out bone shapes with white felt.

RJ - Grim Reaper
RJ is a Grim Reaper so all he wears is a black cloak. I think the best way to make the cloak is to make it using black felt. I'm not someone who crochets clothes so that's the best advice I can give you. haha

Chimmy - Mummy
Chimmy dressed up like a mummy. To get Chimmy's mummy effect you can crochet using back loop only and warm white yarn. I'm not sure how I would make those diagonal mummy spots, probably crochet separate pieces. Use orange yarn instead of yellow yarn for his head. Color change 1/3 of the body and one arm to orange yarn and use white yarn the rest of the 2/3.

Tata - Dracula
Tata's changes are pretty easy to do. Just change the blue and red yarn to purple and orange yarn and follow my Tata pattern. Make his cape with black felt or try crocheting one! Use white felt for his mouth instead of yellow.

Mang - Zombie
Mang requires the most changes. If you're good with yarn color change then you can probably make him. Use orange, purple, and white yarn. Use orange yarn for one of his legs and use purple for the other. Use purple for 1/3 of his body to make the bottoms then color change to white to make this shirt. For the arms, start off with orange (purple for the other arm) then color change to white yarn, try using a different stitch (either dc or hdc) for the ripped effect. Use orange yarn for Mang's head and purple for this mouth and mane. Crochet a bone with white yarn and sew next to his ear.

BT21 Vampire Shooky Crochet Pattern
Who is your favorite BT21 Halloween plush?

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What I've Been Crocheting ♥ Blogtober

What I've Been Crocheting
Here are some of the recent crochet projects that I've made in September and October. I published a what I've been crocheting post not to long ago and wanted to post another just to share what I made these couple of weeks because I've been crocheting a lot of personal projects so I thought I would share with you guys. Follow my second Instagram account if you would like to see more crochet-related posts.

D.VA Pumpkin Cone
In my last post, I included a picture of the cotton candy cone I made that was inspired by Sharon. Well, she saw a picture of it and message me saying how much she loved it so I offered to make her one. She decided on the pumpkin D.VA design that she made for her Halloween Overwatch Kickstarter. This cane out slightly bigger but it’s just as cute and it has a pumpkin hanging on its side!

What I've Been Crocheting
Granny Square Bag
I was never a fan of granny squares when I first started crochet because they looked complicated and boring (at least the ones I saw). However, it was a granny square bag with fringe that caught my attention on Instagram, so I crocheted my own bag! My only regret is not making it bigger. I thought that it would get bigger once I sewed everything together and add the border but it didn't grow that much. It's really sturdy and I love the colors I picked and I've already started on my second bag!

For those wondering, I got the pattern here. I made my own strap because I didn't like the size of the straps in the pattern. I'm really tempted to just make another bag but use a different size hook.

What I've Been Crocheting
BTS plush and card
This is what the winner of my BTS Army Bomb stick giveaway won. She requested a blue fan stick so I wanted to show you guys how the globe looks in a different color. I also really loved how the card I made her came out so I had to include a photo of it too! I love crocheting cards because it's easy and I can customize them however I want. If you ever place an order in my shop I always included a special crochet card with every order. You can make your own BTS Army Bomb plush here.

What I've Been Crocheting
Pachimari plushies
This is a sneak peek at my next crochet pattern. If you play Overwatch then you're familiar with the popular onion plush that is Pachimari. I was going to post this pattern this month but I already have two patterns going up later this month (one going up later this week!) so this pattern will most likely go up next month or I might just wait for Blogmas.

What I've Been Crocheting
Pokemon Cyndaquil
I made this for my friend Jenny. She sent me a care package from her trip to South Korea so I wanted to thank her by making her favorite Pokemon which is Cyndaquil. I based the design a picture she sent me of a Cyndaquil without a flame. I'm very pleased with how it came out.

What I've Been Crocheting
Pumpkin Garland
Sophie displayed a pumpkin bunting in one of her recent posts which inspired me to make one of my own. I used this pattern. This pumpkin garland was featured in my mood/dream board.

What I've Been Crocheting
Granny Squares
Here are more granny squares I crocheted. The orange one is supposed to be autumn-inspired, it was also featured in my dream board. The black one is the start of my second granny square bag. I used an I hook this time to make the bag bigger.

What have you been making lately?

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Coffee Chat #37

Coffee Chat
#1 Have you guys seen the VT Cosmetic X BT21 collection? I want everything! Speaking of BT21 they released some Halloween merch, including some plushies with the charaters dressup in costumes. I will be posting a crochet pattern later this month but I wished I could have more time to make more of the charaters.

#2 I'm in the process of cleaning my iTunes library so I've been listening to old music. I started last weekend and I'm only at the B's! I enjoy making playlists and was thinking of making one with my favorite K-pop from the past or I could make a K-indie or K-rock playlist (I listen to various genres of Korean music, not just K-pop). Would you guys be interested in one of those playlists?

#3 Has any seen YG Future Strategy on Netflix yet? OMG! It's so funny! I highly recommend even if you aren't a fan of K-pop or YG Entertainment, it gives me The Office vibes.

#4 Look at my mini crystal collection! Would you guys like a post on what they are and how to use them?

#5 Some of my current favorite songs. I also updated my blog playlist, check the right side of my blog to listen to it now!
IU - Bii Bii
Roy Kim - The Hardest Part
The Rose - She's in the Rain
Super Juinor - Animals
iKON - Goodbye Road
NakJoon - Still (feat. LUNA)

#6 Earlier this week was Mental Health Day and it couldn't land on a better week because my MH has sucked lately! I just want to stay in bed and sleep away my problems.

#7 Thanks to hurricane Micheal we're finally getting cooler weather in Georgia! Yay! I can't wait to go splurge on some cozy autumn-friendy clothing.

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