K-pop 2018 Playlist ♥ Second Half

K-pop 2018 Playlist
Back in June, I posted the first half of my favorite K-pop songs of 2018 and today I'm unveiling the second part. I've very indecisive but I narrowed down the playlist to just 20 songs which I think is an appropriate amount of songs for a playlist. I also tried to not repeat artists and just pick my favorite song if they released multiple songs in the year. All the songs featured in the playlist should have a matching music video which you can view on Youtube.

Let me know if you guys want to see more playlists. I was thinking of maybe posting a playlist every quarter this year and featuring more songs from artists that aren't as well known, like posting a K-indie or hip-hop playlist because I also listen to a lot of Korean music that I wouldn't classify as K-pop.

What was your favorite song in 2018?

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Self-Care Sunday | Mantra

Spiritual Sunday
You might be wondering why I am doing publishing a post during the weekend, right? Well, one of my goals this year is to explore my spiritual side. I'm not a religious person by any means but I do believe in the power of energy. If you've followed me for a while then you know that I've been struggling with my mental health. This year I would like to tackle these inner feelings and wanted to share my journey discovering my spiritual side with you all.

I've had this idea of starting a bi-monthly series (every second and fourth Sunday of the month) where I chat about something related to self-care or spirituality with others who might also be struggling with mental health issues. With it being a new year and all I thought now would be the perfect time to begin this series which I've named Self-Care Sunday.

For the first Self-Care Sunday, I will be sharing a card from The Universe Has Your Back deck. I shuffled and parted the deck and this was the first card I pulled out. You can use this card as an affirmation or mantra for the week ahead. If you have a journal you can write this on a page and look back whenever you need a bit of wisdom.

Spiritual Sunday
What do you think of this new series?

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