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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer ♥ Game Review

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Game Review
I haven't reviewed a video game in what seems like forever! So, I wanted to start my first game review with one of the most anticipated games this year (well, at least for me it is), Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer! This game was announced earlier this year and I've been literary counting down every day since! I even binge-watched Japanese versions of the game online two weeks before the game was released in the states.

ACHHD was released a few weeks ago and I've played it almost every day since the game came out. Today I will be reviewing the game and weighting in my pros and cons about the game. I will also be talking a little about the Amiibo cards that were released alongside the game.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Game Review
Every physical copy of the game comes with a special Amiibo Card included. I received Tortimer in my copy of the game. I opened my game 100% confidence that I was going to get Isabelle but was devastated when I saw Tortimer. In every copy of the Japan version, you instantly got Isabelle with each game. However, for the states, they changed this for whatever reason.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Game Review
When they released Happy Home Designer they also released series 1 of the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. A single pack costs $6.99 and contains 6 cards, 1 special card, and 5 villagers. The first series has a total of 100 characters to collect with 17 special characters, appropriately decorated in a sparkly holographic design. A second collection is planned to be released later (hopefully within this year).

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Game Review
Once you open the package there is another pack. A waste of packaging if you ask me but I understand why Nintendo did this, to prevent people from opening the packs.

What do these cards do you may ask? Well, they add extra villagers that aren't shown in the game. These villagers also come with furniture that is only unlockable through these cards.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Game Review
In the fifth installment of the Animal Crossing series, Happy Home Designer you play as an interior decorator for "Nook Homes" (run by Tom Nook himself). You work alongside Lyle, Digby and the newest edition to Animal Crossing, Lottie! As a home designer at Nook Homes you decorated rooms and houses of your previous Animal Crossing villagers. You also eventually get to decorated the town where Nook Homes is located, creating shops, a cafe, and even a school!

-The game is super adorable and so is Lottie (my new favorite AC character).
-You can finally decorate all of your villager's homes the way you want!
- The Amiibo cards are a fun way to keep the game alive.
- The furniture moving system is better to use than in previous AC games (no more pushing is needed).
- You can decorate special buildings such as a school, hospital, cafe, shops and even a concert hall!
- You can create fun times with other villagers by hanging out with them in your town.
- You can create your own band too!

- The game can become boring within a couple of days.
- The extra cost for Amiibo cards.
- You have to save the game after you decorate one house/building.
- You don't get your own house. This was a major problem for me. Why make a game all about decorating and you can't even decorate your own house? WTF?
- The amount of control you get in this game can be overwhelming

My experience
First off, this game is a super adorable game! But I did experience quite a few problems with this game more then any other Animal Crossing game I've ever played (and I've played every single game). I think the addition of the Amiibo cards was a really smart move for Nintendo. You can't seem to find any more packs of Amiibo cards anywhere because they're so popular! If I were to rate this game from 1-10/10 I would give it a 7/10. It's a really cute game but there is a lot of things that I wish they would've added.

You can purchase Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer here

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Game Review
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