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DIY Kawaii Cushion Case

If you are familiar with cushion foundations then you know how uninteresting their packaging can be. Thankfully, Etude House heard our cries and released a dreamy kit to decorate your old boring cushion cases.

To decorate my cushion case I will be using this adorable Etude House Any Cushion Decoden Kit that I received for free when I place my last Etude House haul. If you can't find this kit online just search up "decoden" or "kawaii cabochons" on Etsy. You can personalize it by selecting your favorite things, like Hello Kitty and desserts. Just don't forget your icing glue and cake tips!

The kit features 2 pastry decorating tips (in different sizes), cream glue and 18 colorful cabochons.

Here is a close up of all the cabochons. Aren't they insanely cute!

The decoration tips fit perfectly on the cream glue. You can easily twist them on and off.

Let's get started! Get your plain simple cushion case and get ready to add a load of cuteness!

If you want, you can arrange all of your cabochons before you start gluing so that you know where you want to put everything. This will help you so that you do not mess up. I did this at first but ended up freestyling everything once I started gluing.

Here is my completed case! Isn't it the kawaii cushion case you have ever seen! The glue was hard to work with because it was really thick and dried up fast! I highly recommend this project if you are tired of your basic cushion case!

Have you tried cushion makeup?


  1. I think I have the same cushion compact! Gosh, blogging every day for a month? I couldn't do it!

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. I've done it before and it's very fun, yet stressful if you're not prepared. I have the next 3 weeks planned already! :)


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