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Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival ♥ Game Review

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Game Review
I've been a fan of Animal Crossing since the beginning, aka the Game Cube days. So, of course, I had to get the newest Animal Crossing installment, Amiibo Festival. First off, let me say that this isn't like standard Animal Crossing games such as New Leaf, City Folk, Wild World and the original. It's a spin-off with the same lovable characters and quirkiness from previous Animal Crossing games.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Game Review
Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival is a virtual board game (similar to Mario Party) set in a town like the ones you create in the regular game. You can customize said town by adding whatever villagers and public works you want.  When you get bored of the board game you can go to the plaza and play one of the eight mini-games that's also included. The games are simple but they do require Amiibo cards to play. My favorite mini-game is Desert Island Escape!

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Game Review
The bundle comes with three exclusive Amiibo cards, included are Stitches, Rosie and Goldie. To play the mini-games you need to use one of these Amiibo cards. The Happy Home Designer Amiibo cards are also compatible with this game! You can also use these cards to add villagers to your town. So this means you can choose whatever villagers to play with!

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Game Review
For this game, you need at least one Amiibo figure to start the game so if you buy this game make sure you have one figure. I recommend you buying the bundle that comes with Isabelle and Digby so you can at least play with someone else. There are also many other Amiibo figures that you can collect and play with like Lottie, Tom Nook, KK Slider, etc.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Game Review
If your a true fan of the Animal Crossing series I would recommend this game! If you are looking for an original Animal Crossing game then go elsewhere because this isn't your typical Animal Crossing game.

You do need Amiibo cards and Amiibo figures but if you buy the bundle then you don't need to continue buying all the Animal Crossing merch. However, if you already own most Amiibo cards and figures and do not have Amiibo Festival then go buy it! This game allows you to use those cards and figures that are probably going to collect dust on your shelf. Overall, I adore this game! It's really cute and I would highly recommend it if you love easily going to games.

You can buy Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival here

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Game Review
What's your favorite Animal Crossing game?


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