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The Weekend Guide #5

Happy Earth Day! Do Mother Earth a favor today. So what are you guys doing this weekend? I will be playing Splatfest! Do any of you play Splatoon? This month's Splatfest theme is Sponge Bob vs Patrick. I found this theme really funny. The last theme was Pokemon and now Sponge Bob? I would love to see some more creative themes instead of just television characters. Which team are you on? I'm on team Patrick because I wanted to be pink! Lol

Also, can we talk about the latest Tsum Tsums? These came out a while in Japan but they were just released in the US on Tuesday. The details on each Tsum Tsums are sooooo amazing! They also arrived super fast time! I placed my order on Tuesday morning and they arrived today. Usually, my Disney Store orders take a week to arrive, not this time though.


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The Weekend Guide #5
Are you participating in Splatfest this weekend?


  1. Ahh those Tsum Tsums are adorable! I want them so badly! I love the cute little kitty paws on your d-sticks x

    Liz ~ Dreaming of Diamonds


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