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The Weekend Guide #7

The Weekend Guide #7
It's Mother's Day this Sunday and I have yet to find a gift for my mother. I honestly hate buying gifts for my parents because they like expensive things that I can't afford. They don't have any hobbies and hate handmade items (Even though they say they don't but they really do). So I'm pretty much screwed on Mother's Day, Father Day, Christmas and on their birthdays. Whenever I buy them gifts they never use their gifts so I hate buying them gifts as a result because it equals wasted money. If any of you have any ideas let me know!

Obsessed With
Working out (I've been on a roll with workouts!)
Sanrio Puroland Shows 
Buying new clothing
China Glaze Rainbow nail polish

Ear Worms
CHEER UP - Twice (Still OBSESSED with this song)

Worth Watching
Sanrio Puroland Show - Omoiyari To You (Puroland shows are sooooo inspirational! I stayed up all last night watching these videos! My Melody singing is life!)
What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?


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