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October 2016 Goals
I know we are already six days in October but I thought I would share my goals with you guys anyways. I started blogging about my monthly goals last month so I wanted to continue and share a few goals that I want accomplish in October. This time I am also going to share my personal goals along with my blog goals.

1. Post at least 1-3 Halloween DIY projects
Since it's Halloween this month I want to post a few DIY projects. I've been crocheting a lot this month away so what's one more project, right?

2. Continue to comment 3-5 blogs a day
I did pretty well with this challenge last month so I decided to continue with this goal. Hopefully, I can make this into a daily habit.

3. Share at least one photo a week on Instagram
This was another goal from September. However, I miserably failed this goal. I think I only posted like 3 pictures on Instagram within the whole month! Instead of trying to post three pictures a week I'm aiming smaller, one photo a week.

4. Start working out again
I've been slacking on working out, yet again! I go through these phases where one month I exercise everyday and then I take a month long break. Working out these next three months is crucial because it's when the candy, baked goods and lattes begin, don't get me start on then Thanksgiving! So I have to start working out again because I don't want to gain 20 pounds.

5. Find Lucy's Halloween costume
Halloween is this month so it means I have to start shopping for Lucy's Halloween costume(s). I have a few ideas but I still haven't gone shopping in the store so my ideas may change. Do any of you guys dress up your pets? What are they going to be?

6.  Reopen MooeyAndFriends shop
My main priority this month is to open my shop again. I made a few Halloween themed pieces that I think you guys are going to love! I will be sharing pictures of some of the items tomorrow and maybe a release date?

What are some of your October goals?

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  1. Great post!x

  2. These are some great goals Michelle, I agree with the blogging stuff my instagram goes through fits and starts. I love it but I don't seem to have a lot of time to create my imagery.

    Not Copper Armour // Bloglovin'