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The Weekend Guide #26

The Weekend Guide
Welcome to October! September went by fast, but I'm so excited for these last three months because of all the holidays. But the best part about these events is the days in between. I know I might sound like I'm rushing everything but I'm not, I'm just excited! We should savor these last three months because before you know it it will be 2017! Ok, I will stop there because now it seems like I'm rushing everything. lol

This week I started a few new projects for my shop. I got a few ideas in my head and started working on them right away so I wouldn't forget, they were all Halloween related too! I'm aiming for an October release date to open my shop. Hopefully, you guys will like my items because I worked hard on them. More sneak peeks coming this weekend with more details about my shop opening.

In other news, I finally watched Stranger Things and loved it! I was skeptical about it at first since everybody was very hush-hush about the show it piqued my interest. So my sister and I watched the show and we both loved it! A lot of people said it was scary but honestly, it's more of a sci-fi thriller than a horror/scary (I didn't find anything scary about the show tbh). The show was written well and characters were casting great. I can't wait for season 2!

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  1. Love stranger things, cant wait for the second season =]


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