It's All About The Small Things ♥ The Weekend Guide #32

The Weekend Guide
This week hasn't been the best week for me. As you guys know here in the US we elected a new president but I wasn't happy with the outcome, but what can I do? Nothing. Just remain positive. When I first heard about who was elected I couldn't watch the news for 2 days. Now I'm at the point where I can watch the news but have to change it whenever they start talking about politics because I still can't grasp what happened.

Anyways, because this week was difficult for a lot of people I decided to share small details of my week that made me happy and feel less like crap.

Little Things
I had my first Starbucks Snowman cookie of the season
The weather finally cold down this week! I can finally wear sweaters!
Holika Holika x Gudetama Lazy + Joy Collection (Part 3)
Lighting candles all over your room on a cold day
Wrapping yourself like a burrito with blankets at night
Lucy snuggling with me
Playing Animal Crossing and perfecting my town
B.A.P's new album!
Flipping through my favorite Japanese fashion magazines
Starbucks finally released their red cups and they're so cute!
Ordering the Callie amiibo just so I can wear her outfit!

Favorite Posts
101 Things In 1001 Days 
A Love Letter To Remind Myself Of My Strength
Things To Do On A Down Day (Thank you Lauren for this post, I needed it.)
On Being A Homebody

Ear Worms
Skydive - B.A.P (B.A.P is finally back! Their new album is amazing! Confession is my favorite song! The last two songs that B.A.P released weren't my favorite but Skydive reminds me of the old B.A.P that I love)
Paradise - Hyolyn
ToppDogg - Rainy Day
Decalcomanie - Mamamoo
TIAMO - T-ara

Blog Posts From The Week
Goodbye October, Hello November Weekly Spread
November 2016 Goals
Colourpop x Hello Kitty Haul

What made you smile this week?

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