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Weekly Edit #13

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#1 Can I just say that I'm so proud of Highlight/B2ST! I've been a fan of them for years but when they decided to leave their previous company I thought they would just disband like most K-pop groups but they actually decided to create their own company. Now they are back and topping the charts and winning music programs which I'm so proud of! If you haven't listened to Plz Don't Be Sad then you really should.

#2 I went to Sprouts for the first time last weekend and it was amazing! They have so many vegetarian/vegan alternatives and healthy food! I can't wait to visit Sprouts again.

#3 This week it's been too hot for me to function! When I think of Spring I think of 60-70 degree weather. with light winds but Georgia thinks overwise. This week has been filled with isolated storms and 80-degree weather which is too hot for me! Is it Spring or Summer?

#4 Remember when I said I ordered some new Spring clothes? Would you guys be interested in a Spring clothing haul? I never know how to take clothing pictures though because I want to show you the entire piece but don't know how to take a picture without wearing it or using awkward angles. Any tips?

#5 This morning I saw a huge wasp in our house and freaked out! I love spring but I can't stand bugs and sadly spring is when all these bugs wake up. The worst part is that Lucy doesn't like to pee on puppy pads so we always have to open the door for her so she lets in all the bugs.

#6 Goblin update; there is no update because I stopped watching it. I made it to episode 5 and just couldn't get into the drama. If any of you have suggestions for a new drama to start let me know.

#7 Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!


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