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My Hair Care Routine ♥ Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
Over the years I've shared countless routines but I don't think I ever shared a hair care routine which is why I am posting one today. When it comes to hair care I am very picky because I have a lot of concerns. First off, I have itchy/dry scalp, frizzy, split and damaged ends, dandruff, and curly hair. My hair also gets oily easily and when it's really humid outside it can poof up like crazy! How do I manage to control all of these problems? Well, I don't! I still haven't found the best products that address every concern I have with my hair but I am hoping by posting this I some of you all can recommend some hair products that can help me out.

I don't like to use too many products on my hair because like I said I have a dry scalp so when I wash my hair in the shower I use the shampoo once, rinse, condition and rinse with cold water. I've found that using oils and masks before washing my hair has helped moisturize my scalp but I only do it once a week because I don't wash my hair that often. After showering I wait until my hair is damp and then apply some leave-in conditioner comb through with a wide-tooth comb. To finish off my routine I let my hair naturally air dry.

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
Castor Oil - Whenever I want an all-over deep condition I drench some castor from scalp to ends and leave on for as long as I can (30 minutes to an hour) before washing off. Castor oil is excellent at restoring the hair making it grow faster. It's one of the thickest oils that I've used so I don't use it as much as I would like because the weight can get uncomfortable.

Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair Masque - When I want a similar effect as oil but don't want all the oily mess then I use this hair mask. It's a thick mask that does 10 things in once! I slather this cream all over my hair and let it absorb into my hair before washing off. Afterward, I can definitely feel how strong my hair looks and feels.

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Nourish + Silken Shampoo - This is the newest edition to my routine. I've only used it once so I don't have much to say about it. But it smells nice.

Shea Moisture Argan Oil + Almond Milk Smooth + Tame Conditioner - I actually bought this line of shampoo and conditioner by Shae Moisture because I prefer the squeeze tubes instead of the other bottles. This conditioner actually isn't that moisturizing it just sits on my hair but doesn't soak in which is a bummer. The smell of it though is heavenly!

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
Shea Moisture Strengthen + Grow Leave-In Conditioner - Out of all the products I mention in this post if you had to buy one then I 100% recommend this one. My younger sister introduced me to this leave-in conditioner and owns the bigger version (I think she's cleaned out the whole container too!). This product is amazing to strengthen and protect the hair. If you have curly hair it helps condition your curls, reduce frizz without making crispy noodle looking hair. And if I still haven't sold you on this product then the intoxicating sweet scent will.

OGX Niacin + Caffeine Root Stimulator Spray - I mentioned this product in my how to grow scalp post. I still have problems with scalp growth but I found oils work better and I also want to stop using OGX products because I heard that they mislabel their products when it comes to animal testing so I don't want to support them anymore. Shea Moisture also has a line of scalp growth products which I do plan on checking out after I run out of this.

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
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