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Weekly Edit #25

Weekly Edit
#1 For the past two weeks it's been cloudy and rainy. The weather strongly impacts my mood so when the skies are gray and muggy outside I'm not in the greatest mood. Hopefully, it clears up next week. On the bright side, it hasn't been as hot as it would be this time of the year.

#2 We might be visiting Orlando soon which means Disney World! I know I should be excited but knowing my family those plans could get canceled. I won't actually be excited until they actually book hotel tickets.

#3 My younger sister and I started watching some old episodes of Running Man. We've only watched the special episodes with guests that she recognizes (mainly boy groups) and the episode where they turn into zombies. If you watch Running Man and/or know of any good episodes let me know.

#4 Speaking of boy groups. One of my biggest pet peeves is when girls only listen to boy K-pop groups. Like wtf? Just like with boy groups there are tons of concepts within the girl K-pop groups. So if you are one of those people who does this please open up your mind and quit isolating yourself from girl groups because they work just as hard as the boy groups do and deserve appreciation too!

#5 Lucy amazes me. This week when I was feeling down she stayed by my side more than she does and it wasn't until the end of the day that noticed. She's precious!

#6 I also started watching W last night because it's been on my list of shows to watch and since there isn't any interesting Kdramas out at the moment I decided to start watching it. I finished episode 3 last night and omg I really like this drama so far! Hopefully, it's not one of those dramas that go downhill after the eighth episode.

#7 There is a bunch of birds outside my window I think they're fighting? I'm scared one might run into my window (which has happened before). lol

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  1. I think I prefer boy groups more because I like that edgy sound, and a lot of girl groups tend to be very pop-y. I enjoy groups like 2NE1 and I've just recently started listening to some BLACKPINK, but I' pretty picky. Actually, I'm picky on both sides. But moreso with girls lol

    Gemma | https://activelygemma.com/blog

    1. There are plenty of girl groups out there with an edgier but the sad thing is those groups never really become that popular. I've watched so many girl groups (without being too girly or sexy) come and go because they weren't able to build a structured fan base. It's easier for guy groups to make fans because most kpop fans are girls and they tend to gravitate to the good looking boys. :(

      I'm honestly more about the music and don't really care about the concepts, the looks and whatever. If I dig a song then I will listen to it on repeat and keep an eye on the group and watch how they grow. ♥

  2. I love rainy weather, for me it's always better than sunny days and high temperatures. W is one of my favourite dramas, I've rewatch it this month. Fight my way is such a nice drama but still I can't wait for The Bride Of Habaek - only 8 days or even less and this drama is going to be released. In my city, we've got big screens to make sounds less noisy, birds are usually running into these screens, what we did - we've got black birds painted on these screens - it keeps birds away from running into windows, it's not the best way but it works, it's called WindowAlert or something similar :)

    1. I can handle a couple rainy days but 2 weeks? Nah! I am on episode 10 of W and I'm really loving it! I will add those dramas you suggested to my watch list because I am always looking for new dramas to watch. Thanks! ♥

  3. Omg W is SO good - you'll love it! I'm so sad that my OG K-pop girl groups have all disbanded now but am still all over Apink and Twice, heh x

    1. So far I am really loving W! Those first couple of episodes were intense! I know it's so sad that all of the girl groups I grew up hearing are disbanding. The 4 Minute and Sistar break ups hit me hard! :( ♥


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