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Things That Make Me Happy ♥ Summer 2017

Things That Make Me Happy
After two weeks of hell, I decided to make a list of things that make me happy because I needed a reminder that things are going to be alright. I am very thankful for all these things because they put a smile on my face and make me feel better when I am in a mood. If you are feeling down I suggest you write down a list of things that make you happy I guarantee it will make you feel better!

- The smell of coffee
- Puppies
- Kpop
- Pastel-colored desserts
- A fresh coat of nail polish
- Cows (especially calfs!)
- New skincare and makeup
- Video games
- Freshly washed blankets
- Night drives
- Splatoon
- Breakfast
- Coming home to a bunch of packages
- Memes about animals
- A new pair of black leggings
- The smell of baked bread
- Working out
- Doughnuts
- Adventure Time
- Rainbows
- Organization
- Yoga
- Crocheting a piece I'm proud of
- Colorful skeins of yarn
- Pancakes
- Sunflowers
- The smell of candles
- Grocery shopping
- Drawing
- Ice cold water
- Coloring in my adult coloring book
- Adorable pins
- Lucy when she runs up to me after a long day of work
- Cute illustrations (I'm so jealous of artists who can do this)
- Cooking a meal (that actually turns out well)
- When I receive a comment on a blog post
- My creativity
- Cartoons
- Autumn weather
- Cute socks
- Disney movies
- Tsum Tsums
- Animal Crossing

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  1. Sorry to hear things haven't been going well 😞 Just try to remember that you've gotten through every bad patch before, and you'll get through this one too. Hope things get better soon 💕


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm better now. :) ♥


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