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Weekly Edit #30

Weekly Edit
#1 What do you guys think of my crocheting painting? These are the projects I've been working. I have another more detailed "crochet-ainting" that I will reveal next week I'm still working on the finishing touches. I am so excited for you guys to see my next painting because it's inspired by one of my favorite movies

Ever since I made my first crocheting painting I knew I wanted to make more. This unicorn latte is the size of a stretched out palm so it's small but cute. I want to make more complex designs but I don't want to make more without anyone interested in buying them.

#2 I finally snatched up a Nintendo Switch! Ahhhh! I'm so excited for it to arrive! It's scheduled to come next Friday so you know what I will be doing next weekend!

#3 I also started driving again this week (fun fact: I don't have a driver's license). I started practicing driving at the age of 16 but had many nightmares about me uncontrollably driving and crashing that I stopped practicing and never got my license. I am now 24 and I finally think it's time for me to get my license so I can drive myself anywhere at whatever time I want. I am so tired of waiting on others to drive me to go grocery shopping or on coffee runs.

#4 Summer is slowing fading away which means Autumn is coming! Let me know what type of posts you guys would like to see in Fall. I'm not that into Fall beauty so if you have any ideas for other types of posts I could publish next season let me know because so far I don't have any seasonal posts planned.

#5 I found this blog called Simple Vegan Blog. It has many easy vegan recipes. Some recipes I would like to try are the caramel frappuccino, burrito bowl, easy acai bowl, and Singapore noodles.

#6 I want my blog to be an environment where you can escape your daily troubles and not think about negativity. However, I am someone who watches the news every day so I am familiar with world events. The news lately has just been so devastating to watch. I live in a small town in Georgia so I know those types of people exist (I went to school with people like that) but to see a crowd of people like that marching around the streets and spreading hate it just sickening. All we can do is think positive and hope for the best.

#7 What exciting thing happened to you this week? For me, it was finally buying a Nintendo Switch!

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  1. I was SO scared of driving when I was younger too, and started this June when I turned 23. I hope your lessons go well and that you enjoy it!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. Thanks! I've been practicing all week and haven't felt nervous at all! Hopefully I can stick with my lessons and get my license this time around. ♥


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