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Weekly Edit #32

Weekly Edit
#1 It's starting to get colder in Georgia. It was 70 degrees early this week even though that's still too warm for me it's much better than 90 degrees like it was 2 weeks ago. I'm still waiting for it to get to the lower 60s so I can wear my knitted cardigans.

#2 Cassey's post on being called Thick was pretty interesting but what was more interesting was the comments. Half of the people said being called thick it like called fat and others didn't mind it at all. As someone who has curves (who hates them!), I grew up in an era where it was trendy to have a super-thin body and now it's the complete opposite! Would love to know your thoughts on this topic.

#3 This weekend Hurricane Irma is going through Flordia. It should reach Georgia by Monday or Tuesday but it should be significantly weaker and a tropical depression by then. At first, I was really nervous and hoping that it wouldn't pass near us but as time went by I knew that I can't do anything to control mother nature except change my perspective of what could happen.

#4 Seeing all the videos of pets being rescued in Hurrican Harvey is gut-wrenching. These poor animals were left by their owners! WHO WOULD THAT! If I hear that I need to evacuate the first thing I would do is grab Lucy! This is why some people don't deserve pets!

#5 This week I finished Gravity Falls. I'm so sad! It was only two seasons but it was a very cute show and I can definitely see myself watching it again in the future. The next show on my watchlist is Over The Garden Wall. I've heard nothing but amazing news from this show so my expectations are high.

#6 I went to Micheal's the other day and bought a set of canvas to make more crochet painting with. My plan to make some original designs and post them up in my shop and see how they do. I have a couple ideas but if you guys have any suggestions I'm all ears! I will update you guys on this process as time goes on.

#7 Starbucks released their famous pumpkin spice latte this week and I already had 2! Now I just need to get a pumpkin scone and I'm ready for autumn!

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  1. I loved Over the Garden Wall. I also watched it right after finishing Gravity Falls and it made me not miss Dipper, Mabel, and the gang quite so much. It's just so spooky and the animation is lovely!

    1. I just watched the first episode and it does have a similar scenery to Gravity Falls but slightly more eerie. I think it's a great transition from GF because it has more of an autumn theme and GF had a summer theme. OTGW is shorter tho and only has 10 episodes! ♥

  2. I'm still so shocked by people leaving their pets behind in a hurricane. How could you be so heartless?!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. It angers me so much! I was watching some videos of animals being rescued from the hurricanes and it brought me to tears. ♥


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