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What I've Been Crocheting ♥ April 2018

What I've Been Crocheting
This month I've been crocheting a lot more than usual. It started with this cow plush that I finished, since then I've been inspired to crochet more fun projects without any purpose like a crochet pattern or my shop. Today I am sharing some of my recent crochet projects that I completed this month, so far.

What I've Been Crocheting
My sister and I are obsessed with Chiitan (I think that's its name) videos on Twitter. It's this adorable Japanese character who is super clumsy. We sent each other pictures and videos of Chiitan all the time and laugh for hours! A few weeks ago I sent her a picture of a felted Chiitan plush and she asked me if I could crochet her one so I did. Let me know if you guys would like to see a pattern.

What I've Been Crocheting
I wanted to see if I could make that fluffy texture that I used on the cow plush so I crocheted a pink fluffy blob. This blob didn't have a purpose it was just to practice how fast I could create this texture because it is timely. After I completed this pink fuss ball I just left it on my desk. That was until it reminded me of cotton candy so I decided to make a cone for it and that's when it hit me, D.Va cotton candy! Sharodactyl has made several products using this D.Va cotton candy design so I decided to make a crochet version. I love how it came out!

What I've Been Crocheting
One of my goals this month was to update my shop with some dolls and it's actually going to happen! I've had this idea to make dolls wearing kigurumis for such a long time so it's so cool to see them finally come to life. I'm only going to post two dolls to see how they sell but if they sell out then I will make more.

This doll is wearing a pastel unicorn kigurumi complete with rainbow hair and a sparkly horn (yes, it actually sparkles!). The hoods can either be left on or off. She'll be up in my shop this weekend but follow my Twitter and Instagram to know exactly when.

What I've Been Crocheting
Here is a cow kigurumi doll. You guys know how much I adore cows so I had to make a cow version. This one isn't finished either, it still needs ears, horns, and spots.

What I've Been Crocheting
I mentioned in my crochet pouch post about crochet markers well here they are being used.

What I've Been Crocheting
If you've seen my last blog post then you already saw the sakura coaster. I tried making smaller sakura flowers but they didn't turn out well. So, yeah, those weird pink smudges are failed sakura petals. haha

What I've Been Crocheting
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  1. Everything is super cute, I miss making things a lot but I just never have the time for it anymore which is sad but I still love seeings all the cute things everyone else has been making xoxo


    1. Thanks! Some projects take forever so I understand not having time for crafting. ♥


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