BT21 Shooky Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

BT21 Shooky Plush
Are you ready to be shook? Shook-y that is! Because today I'm showing you how to crochet Shooky from BT21. This is probably the easier charterer I made because it's literally just a circle/ball shape with arm and legs sticky out.

"Magic cookie with special powers. Scared of milk."

Created by Suga but if you look at the BT21 making videos then you can tell Suga wasn't as interested as some of the other BTS members when making their characters but as time went on he started to get interested in the project. I think the only original idea that they used from Suga's concept art was the expressions used in Shooky's face.

BT21 Shooky Plush
- Light brown worsted yarn
- Brown worsted yarn
- H/5.00 mm crochet hook
- G/4.25 mm crochet hook
- Polyfil stuffing
- Black felt
- White felt
- Brown felt
- No-sew Glue
- Scissors
- Darning needle

Ch(s) - chain(es)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Slst - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dec - decrease
(x2) - repeat __ amount of times

BT21 Shooky Plush
With H hook
- Magic circle 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- 2sc in each st (x2). Total = 12 sts
 2sc in each st (x2). Total = 24 sts
- Sc 24 sts. Total = 24 sts
 Sc 1 sts, 2sc in each st (x12). Total = 36 sts
- Sc 36 sts (x2). Total = 36 sts
- Sc 1, dec 1 (x12). Total = 24 sts
- Sc 1, dec 1 (x6). Total = 18 sts
*start stuffing*
- Sc 1, dec 1 (x6). Total = 12 sts
- Sc 1, dec 1 (x6). Total = 6 sts
- Sc 1, dec 1 (x3). Total = 3 sts
Cut off

With G hook
- Magic circle 5 sts. Total = 5 sts
- Sc 5 sts (x3). Total = 5 sts
Cut off, leave long tail for sewing

With G hook
- Magic circle 5 sts. Total = 5 sts
- Sc 5 sts (x2). Total = 5 sts
Cut off, leave long tail for sewing

BT21 Shooky Plush
Sew on all of Shooky's arms and legs with a darning needle. With black felt cut out two circle eyes, eyebrows and a long hollowed 'D' for his mouth. With brown felt snip out a long D-shaped that can fit inside the hollowed 'D'. Lastly, cut out a tooth with white felt. Glue everything and press lightly to secure.

BT21 Shooky Plush
Now Shooky can hang with his best friend, Cooky!

BT21 Shooky Plush
Have you heard the new BTS album yet? What's your favorite song?

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  1. Aw this is ever so sweet, you are so talented! I absolutely love seeing your creations and pinning them in the hope that one day I might be able to make super cute plushies like this :D Cooky is so cute too!! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. Awww thank you! I hope you make a plushie one day. ♥