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Coffee Chat #19

coffee chat
#1 Finally saw Infinity War over the weekend and it was amazing! I have two major theories but since I don't want to spoil anything I'll stay hush.

#2 Isn't that notebook the cutest? I won it in a giveaway hosted by Cate. She currently has a GOT7 giveaway so if you're a fan fo enter! Thanks, Cate! I'm going to use this notebook to study Korean.

#3 Ellis's video on depression really hit home for me. I can really relate to not feeling like yourself anymore and not putting any effort in things that you used to like doing, like outfits. Ellis really inspires me to work on my shop and brand because I love how much effort she puts into her shop.

#4 Skincare Update: It's only been a week since I started my new regime but I can already report that my skin texture has changed and it's so soft! I want to test this routine for a month or two before making an official skincare post. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you want to see what products I'm using.

#5 So many of my favorite creators and artists have Patreons and I'm kind of intrigued by the idea. I think a monthly club-like subscription would be so much fun but I don't think I would have enough supporters or ideas to start one. I don't know. Let me know your opinions and if I were to start a Patreon what would you like to see.

#6 Who else is getting up earlier tomorrow to watch the coverage of the Royal Wedding? I know I will be waking up making a cup of tea and watching!

#7 Have you seen/heard BTS latest music video? It already has over 20 million views and the day isn't even other yet! I'm so proud of them! I can't wait to listen to the entire album later today. I'm so pumped to see them perform at the Billboard Music Awards this weekend.

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  1. Ohh bless you, I didn't expect to be mentioned in this at all but I'm so glad my video helped you even just a tiny bit. Sending you lots of love x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

    1. Thank you for reading my blog! You really inspire me! ♥

  2. So happy the notebook arrived to you safely and I'm glad you like it! Good luck with your studies I definitely need to start actually studying Korean at some point instead of just picking up random sentences from dramas lolololol!


    1. Thank for the notebook Cate! I've learned a lot of Korean just by listening to K-pop and watching dramas. haha ♥


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