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HelloPape Cat + Sprinkled Pug ♥ Stationery Haul

Stationery Haul
I originally planned another blog post for today but things didn't go as planned so I whipped together this cute stationery haul for you guys because I didn't want to miss another day with no content. With that said, I will be sharing some of my recent purchases from two of my favorite stationery shops, Hello Paper Cat and Sprinkled Pug. These two shops are the ones that I buy from the most because they're affordable and the designs are incredibly cute!

Stationery Haul
Let's start with Sprinkled Pug. I'm still buying the mini sheets that Liz releases weekly. I love the pastel theme of her stickers because they easily fit with my planning style. I ordered some pocky checklists and mini checklists because I use these all the time in my Happy Planner.

The mini sheets I ordered are gradient hearts, lip gloss, open planners, heart sunglasses, makeup brushes. music notes, and Amazon stickers. If you are interested in the $1 mini sheets contact Liz on Instagram. You can always get the full-size sheets in her sticker shop. Use the code YOPUG50 to get 50% off your whole order (no minimum), she has tons of cute stickers in her shop!

Stationery Haul
HelloPaperCat is one of my favorite stationery shops and I always look forward to their new releases. I love the amount of K-pop stationery they carry. They've improved so much since my first order from HPC.

Let's start with the stickers, I bought the Chibiusa, BTS Fake Love, Pack of Suga, and Goblin sticker sheets. The pack of Suga is such a charming idea. I have a huge crush on Suga so I just had to buy those! I was happy when I saw the Chibiusa bookmark it goes so well with the Sailor Moon bookmark I ordered last time.

How cute are those We Bare Bears page maker and BTS Fake Love page maker! These page markers are very sturdy and can be used as a bookmark without leaving dents. HPC started carrying washi tapes, BT21 washi tape to be exact! This design is currently sold out but they have some other K-pop washi that I plan on ordering next time I place an order.

Elodie is the mascot of Hello Paper Cat. You can see her in various outfits in the shop sold in bookmark, sticker, and die cut form. The Gucci Girl Elodie die cut is probably one of my favorite designs, she looks so chill in her casual clothing.

In my last order, one of the freebies I received was the BTS kawaii cell phone die cut but there are tons of different designs you can pick from, some of those being K-pop groups such as Wanna One, GOT7, Monsta X, and B.A.P which is what I picked because B.A.P is so underrated!

Stationery Haul
I was thrilled when I saw the number of extras my order came with! I knew I was getting the dabbing unicorn and carebear die cuts but she also included a carebear bookmark and Monsta X cell phone die cut. It was so thoughtful, thank you so much Seriya!

Stationery Haul
What's your favorite item?

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  1. Everything's so cute! Those single sheets are perfect, and such a good size for carrying around. I think my favorite bit has to be the We Bare Bears page marker!

    1. They fit perfectly in my sticker book too! ♥

  2. All of them are so cute ♥ I plan to buy some stickers too ❀✿

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