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Coffee Chat #35

Coffee Chat
#1 Finished Hello, My Twenties (the second season). I tried watching season two earlier this year but was turned off by the character changes so I didn't bother watching the rest of the episodes. I was browsing Netflix for a new show but remembered I never finished the show so I decided to give it another shot. It actually wasn't that bad! The new girl was a cute addition but I hated the girl who replaced Eun-Jae. She tried too hard to the point where it was so frustrating. They should've just gotten rid of that character and added another new girl! Anyways, I recommend Hello, My Twenties if you're looking for a new drama to watch.

#2 Made this vegan egg salad recipe and it tasted incredible! It also makes a lovely scrabble egg dupe.

#3 How to Quiet the voice in your head that tells you "you can't"

#4 Finished my first autumn candle of the season. I'll have to take a trip to Bath and Body Works to buy some more. hehe ;)

#5 How to be a happy blogger

#6 I watched Saving Mr. Banks last night. It's on the making of Mary Poppins and how the movie almost never happened if you haven't watched it you should. It's one of my favorite films! For those who don't know I'm very picky when it comes to film because at one point I wanted to be in the film industry. So don't ask me to review a film unless you want my HONEST opinion because I won't go easy.

#7 Tomorrow they're going to add wood flooring to my room. I'm so excited! I'm dreading the fact that I have to remove everything from my room but nonetheless, I'm excited to get the wood floor in my room because that means no more beauty or puppy stains!

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  1. Ooh, thanks for the reminder that I hadn't seen season two of Hello, My Twenties! Think I'll spend the rest of my Friday night watching that! (:

  2. I definitely agree that they should have added a new girl. I to felt the same about the second season.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt the same way. ♥


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