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What Happened When I Stopped Using Sheet Masks for 5 Days?

What Happened When I Stopped Using Sheet Masks for 5 Days?
I've been using a sheet mask every night since 2016! Can you believe that? In the past, I've shared my past experience with daily masking and tips but I thought I would try an experiment and not use sheet masks for 5 days to see what would happen when I stopped daily masking. How did my skin react? Keep reading to find out!

Dry Rough Skin
At the moment I'm not using any other skincare extra such as an essence or serum so sheet masks are where I'm getting that extra layer of hydration and moisture. By skipping sheet masks for a week I noticed my skin felt less smooth and my makeup didn't glide on as effortlessly. Obviously, my skin felt drier due to not having that thin layer of essence from the sheet masks.

One thing I love about using a sheet mask every night is that they combat pimples! I was recovering from my seasonal pimple right before I stopped using my current load of sheet masks but after I developed another pimple on my right cheek when I stopped daily masking. Thankfully, once I returned to my usual routine the pimples left.

Dull Skin
Almost all sheet masks promise a brighter and smoother complexion so I definitely noticed that my skin didn't have that 'sheet mask glow' that I'm used to. As soon as I resumed my daily masking the glow came back!

Quicker routine
Not sure if this is a positive or negative, maybe both? The most difficult thing about not using a sheet mask for 5 days straight was how quick my skincare routine became. I honestly don't mind the extra 10-20 minutes, I just go do something and chill until the time is up.

Final thoughts?
Overall, my skin was rough, dull, dry, and I even got a pimple. I highly recommend daily masking if you want to have smooth, glowing, pimple-free skin! It's not that expensive if you buy sheet masks in bulk at Marshalls (I like the ones by DewyTree) or Amazon (I like to use these). If you're worried about the extra time just multitask. I really enjoy daily masking because of the results and probably won't stop using them ever! haha

What Happened When I Stopped Using Sheet Masks for 5 Days?
How often do you use sheet masks?

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  1. I only sheet mask like once or twice a week if I'm feeling a bit dry and I also use clay masks once a week if my skin is a bit greasy but I did notice how bad my skin got when I wasn't using serum for a month (I ran out & the store didn't have it until recently) so that, toner and eye cream has become an essential part of my routine I've also started trying out sleeping masks and they work so well for the times when my skin is feeling dry. Oh and I also have one of those silicone masks you wear over sheet masks to lock the in moisture (I got it from daiso) which I actually mostly got so I can do stuff without it sliding off my face haha but that really works well to and I notice I difference if I don't use it so I totally recommend getting one to use with your masks if you can xoxo

    1. I was actually going to buy one of those silicone masks once but forgot. Thanks for reminding me! ♥

  2. I so wish I could daily mask but finding the time for me is a struggle! Though there are more brands coming out with 3 minute ones that I might have to look into and try! I've lately been using them 2-3 times a week but hope to do more when I can! I've been tempted to do another whole week in one go and see if I can manage it a bit easier.


    1. There's sleep packs and even shower masks too. I know Etude House has a mask collection with different types of masks for different situations. ♥


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