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30 Good Things ♥ November 2018

November 30 Good Things
1 Successfully completed Blogmas!
2 Finished watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Can't wait for the special in December!
3 Pledged to Oh So Fawn on Patreon.
4 The League Of Legends opening ceremony. Amazing!
5 Had my first white peppermint mocha from Starbucks!
6 Voted for the third time in my life.
8 Covergirl became cruelty-free!
9 Discovered a new Youtube channel that I'm obsessed with!
10 Caught up on some podcasts whilst editing blog posts.
11 My sister dyed my hair.
12 Toy Story 4 and Detective Pikachu movie trailers dropped!
13 Spyro Reignited Trilogy released!
14 Crocheting and binging some shows.
15 Launched my Patreon!
16 I gained my first Patron!
17 Caught up on some much-needed sleep.
18 Played some games.
19 Discover Katnipp Illustrations Youtube and Etsy shop.
20 Drank some yummy hot chocolate.
21 Updated my Etsy shop with a bunch of new goodies.
22 Yummy Thanksgiving food! #foodcoma
23 Black Friday shopping! Scored some boots for $15!
24 Bought some stuff from my favorite small businesses.
25 I bought my first Christmas scented candle of the season!
26 Crocheted a cute granny square.
27 Spent some time decorating my planner all cute! Look at the post here.
28 Started Christmas shopping.
29 Can't wait to start #kawaiiJournalingHolidayChallenge!
30 Getting my blog posts ready for Blogmas.


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