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Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms ♥ Blogmas

DIY Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms
Welcome to another Blogmas DIY! Today I'm going to show you how to make onigiri and dango Pom Poms! You can turn these into ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree or give as a gift to someone who appreciates Japanese food culture.

DIY Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms
You will need
- White worsted yarn
- Green worsted yarn
- Pink worsted yarn
- Embroidery scissors
- Felting needle (I used this kit)
- Tan felt
- Black felt

DIY Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms
Make your pom poms using a small pom pom maker (I used the extra small to make the dango and the small to make the onigiri). Tie with a waxed linen cord, this is a very strong type of string that will keep the yarn from unraveling. Clean the circle by snipping uneven pieces of yarn.

DIY Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms
Now you are going to use your felting needle to felt the fibers of the yarn together to create that felted look. Continue to poke your pom poms with your needle (you are going to this a lot!) but be careful because this needle is really sharp! I accidentally poked myself when I was making my pom poms and my fingers were sore for days!

DIY Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms
To make the onigiri, snip some of the yarn in the shape of a rounded triangle. Continue to felting and cutting the pom pom until you reach the shape of an onigiri.

After you're happy with the shape you are going to but out a long rectangle out of black felt. Glue the black felt piece onto the onigiri and press to secure.

DIY Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms
Look at the difference felting makes!

DIY Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms
To make the dango pom pom make a pink, a white and a green pom pom. To attach the Dango pom poms you are going to use your felting needle and repeatedly poke two pom poms in the center until they are attached and then repeat to the remaining pom pom. Snip to shape the Dango.

Cut out the stick for the Dango using tan felt. Carefully glue the tan felt piece to the bottom center of the green Dango, hold down the felt piece until it's secure.

DIY Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms
Tip: You can add a face to make the pom poms cuter!

DIY Onigiri & Dango Pom Poms
Have you ever made pom poms before?

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