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Winter Mood/Dream Board + Holiday Bucket List ♥ Blogmas

Winter Mood/Dream Board + Holiday Bucket List
Welcome to my first Blogmas post of 2018! Back during Blogtober, I shared my autumn mood/dream board so I thought I would share my winter dream board with you guys. This is the first time I themed my bulletin board with a winter/Christmas/holiday theme. I don't love the traditional colors so I tried to add as much pastel colors as I could find. This time I won't explain everything in much detail so go check out my autumn mood/dream board post if you would like to see where a certain something is from.

Winter Mood/Dream Board + Holiday Bucket List
Here is a quick overview of my winter dream board. I kept the same position as my autumn board but replaced some cards, prints, and objects. Underneath the bulletin board, I washi taped some old gift wrapping paper to make it extra festive.

Winter Mood/Dream Board + Holiday Bucket List
On the left corner, I have a postcard of the N Sal tower in Korea from a friend. Over that postcard, I have a teacup charm from LoveNeen. Next, to the postcard from South Korea is a postcard from Japan, which I bought off of eBay.

Winter Mood/Dream Board + Holiday Bucket List
The Frida charm is also from LoveNeen, I have it displayed on here because I think it's really cute! That Mooey Snowman card I drew as an outline for my Christmas crochet cards. The Mooey granny square is a Patreon-exclusive that you can get if you sign up for my Patreon. Underneath, I have a cute note from a friend.

Winter Mood/Dream Board + Holiday Bucket List
On the upper righthand corner of my board, next to my bucket list is an adorable Little Twin Stars print from HelloPaperCat. The pastel bear stocking is a reward for my Patrons this month.

If you would like your own go and sign up to my Patreon. I will be posting lots of cute holiday content this month, including extra crochet patterns that I won't be posting on my blog anytime soon!

Winter Mood/Dream Board + Holiday Bucket List
At the bottom of my board, I strung my crocheted winter garland. You can make your own here or buy your own here!

Winter Mood/Dream Board + Holiday Bucket List
The gingerbread house is a knitted ornament my older sister knitted a couple years ago. On the other side of the holiday bucket list is a miniature crocheted bear ornament that I crocheted a few years ago (I thought I had a pattern on it but couldn't find it). It's one of the smallest plush I've ever crocheted! I avoid crocheting with tiny crochet hooks because the stitches are so darn tiny and I sometimes end up bending my hook. lol

In between the handmade ornaments, I have my copy of the holiday bucket list from A Beautiful Mess. Instead of making a separate post on my bucket list I'll just share it here.

- Put up Christmas decorations
- Bake mince pies
- Crochet new stockings
- Decorate a gingerbread house
- Go Christmas shopping at a mall
- Wrap presents
- Crochet Lucy a sweater
- Watch cheesy Christmas movies
- Buy a winter coat (teddy bear)
- Make a K-pop Christmas playlist
- Decorate sugar cookies
- Wear cheesy family pajamas
- Make + send holiday cards
- Complete #kawaiijournalinghoildaychallenge
- Finish Blogmas
- Crochet a new rug for my room
- Buy a new Christmas sweater

Winter Mood/Dream Board + Holiday Bucket List
What's on your holiday bucket list this year?

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