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7 Things ♥ On My Desk

7 Things On My Desk
7 is my favorite number. I was born in the 7th month and if you multiply the 7 by 2 you get 14 which was the day I was born. That's why I wanted to start a new series in which I share 7 things. Today I'm starting with one of my favorite places in my room, my desk. I've posted several posts featuring my desk before but I'm always refreshing things up on my desk. By the way, as I was linking past posts to this post I noticed that my desk is extremely messy. Sorry!

1. Unused pens and colored pencils
You will notice that I keep a lot of writing pens and pencils on my desk so of course, I don't have enough time to use all of them. All of the pens and pencils in the pink cup (which I decorated with washi tape) ran out of ink or I don't use anymore. I like to keep "pretty pens" as decorations for stationery posts. The colored pencils I do use but not as often as other pens.

7 Things On My Desk
2. My Melody
This is a crocheted My Melody face that was meant to be a garland but I gave up. The pattern was made by Twinkie Chan in collaboration with Sanrio (pattern here). I couldn't understand the pattern so I just made everything I could and cut out a face with felt and glued it on. I like my camera on top of this because I don't have anywhere else to place my camera. lol

7 Things On My Desk
3. Starbucks coffee cup
This is a Starbucks coffee cup ornament that I bought for my mini Christmas tree a few years ago. I loved it so much that it now sits on my desk.

7 Things On My Desk
4. Unicorn
Like every creative person, I love unicorns! I bought this for $3 at Target. It's super cute and usually has a washi tape hanging from its horn.

7 Things On My Desk
5. Colorful pens
Since I shared my unused pens I had to share what I use instead. In the cup on the left, I store all of my Tombow dual brush pens and Zebra Midliner pens. In the pouch on the right, I keep my Pilot Juice pens, stamp pens, and pencils (want to see what's in my pen pouch?). Just looking at all the colors make my heart happy.

7 Things On My Desk
6. Hobonichi SetUp
I took this when I was planning in my Hobonichi. The sakura stickers are from Amazon, that MONSTA X dashboard is from HelloPaperCat, and that planner pouch is from Unicorn Planner, I like to store my die cuts in there.

7 Things On My Desk
7. Nylon Korea magazine
One thing you should know about me is that I love magazines! I have so many issues of magazines in my room. Even though Nylon here in the States isn't in print anymore I still like getting Nylon Korea and Japan magazines, especially since they usually featuring idols. In front of the magazine are some Pachimari plushies (crochet pattern available here).

What do you keep around your desk?

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  1. I love your desk it has so many cute touches, even yor pens are adorable!
    I used to have a desk with all my cute things on then Nora came and started eating everything and throwing all my stuff about so the only thing I keep on there now is a snowman Christmas decoration I use as a night light and a bottle of water, everything else gets put away, even my pens .... cats .... they take over your life .... I can't wait until I move into my new house so I can finally have my own room back! xoxo


    1. Thanks! I try to keep a creative area so that I'm always inspired. That's so funny! This is why I don't think I'll be able to handle a cat. I'll stick to dogs for now. haha ♥


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