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Currently ♥ No. 24

Playing: Pokemon Moon
Watching: Aggretsuko! I'm so excited to watch the second season!
Eating: Coconut jam toasted sandwiches 
Loving: The new MONSTA X song! It's been stuck in my head ever since it was released!
Feeling: Like I'm getting healthier. I've been exercising regularly and eating better but I still need to work on my sleep schedule.
Listening: The Boondocks Podcast
Celebrating: One more month until my birthday! I have one month until I'm 26 and I'm not looking forward to it. I used to look forward to my birthday but after turning 21 I now dread birthdays.
Excited for: Animal Crossing New Horizon and Final Fantasy XII coming out in 2020!
Working on: Getting my store open on a different platform. More on this later.

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  1. I'm playing Pokemon Sun at the moment! I stopped playing for a while, but got the itch to keep playing again as I wait to get Let's Go and a Switch later this month. I just beat the Elite Four, but saved afterwards so I could verse the "Champion" at another time as it's the most stressful part of the game! 😅😂

    1. After watching the Nintendo Direct I was tempted to play a Pokemon game so I went with Pokemon Moon. I should probably get Let's Go Pokemon game but I'm trying to save up money. Maybe I'll buy Let's Go Eevee as a birthday game to myself since it's next month. ♥


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