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Currently ♥ No. 30

Playing: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I downloaded this app again but I may regret it later. lol
Watching: Blown Away. It's a glass blowing competition show. It's so interesting to watch!
Eating: Halo Top Dairy-Free Toasted Coconut Frozen Dessert
Loving: My latest order from Bright Bat Design. So much cuteness!
Feeling: Fatigued
Excited for: MONSTA X We Are Here concert! After months of waiting, I'm finally going to see my boys on Tuesday! Ahhhh! 
Working on: My next crochet pattern

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  1. I just started playing New Leaf and am already super addicted 😅 It's just such a wholesome game! I love fishing, designing clothes, expanding my house, being surrounded by animals, etc... I want to live in the Animal Crossing universe! 😍😩🙌

    1. Same! Animal Crossing is such a cute and relaxing game to play. I can't wait for the new one to come out. ♥

  2. I saw these on Instagram and though it was so adorable!!
    I'm legit relating to every single animal and advice in that photo. lol

    P.S: Have fun at the concert!! You are so lucky :)))


    1. Thanks, I will! Aren't these designs the cutest! I need to order more stuff with the cow design. haha ♥


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